Feb 11, 2011

Dear Emily Matchar,

Dear Emily Matchar,

Let's just get one thing straight: Mormon Mommy Blogs and Mormons in general are really super-duper cool.  You are right to love and admire us via your addiction to Mormon Mommy Blogs.

BUT, (and I know this may blow your bloggity mind) we are not all the same.  And our blogs are not all the same.

You need to add a few more "Mormon Mommies" to your Reader to get a more well-balanced view of Mormon's.

I suggest you start with mine!

It will prove that not all Mormon's take professional quality pictures, buy vintage baby clothes, whip up adorable crafts daily and have husbands who wear plaid.  (My husband wears BDU's and scrubs alternately.)

Some Mormon babies have snotty noses!  YIKES!
(However, it MAY confirm that all Mormon's DO love Costco and Target.  But really, can you blame us?) 

Also, many of our women are "overeducated" (just not me) and some of us can't cook. (Sort of me.)  I could go on and on contradicting most of your points but I wont.  Suffice it to say, we're not all alike, we're not all perfect, and we're not all happy automatons.  BUT, we are pretty dang awesome in general and our religion has a lot to do with that.

Just wanted to get that out.


Emily Dub

P.S.  Quit being such a huge WUSS and invite the missionaries in for Hot Chocolate.  They wont bite you and they'll clear up many of the mis-conceptions you have about our religion.  (And I promise they wont force you into the nearest baptismal font...as long as you don't get too close.)

P.P.S.  If you are NOT Emily Matchar and have no idea what I'm talking about, see this article.


FOX said...

You are such a dork Em. This is the funniest post you have written in a long time! And what a way to introduce Mormonism...

... and some of us post pictures of your big brother in the bathtub and kissing with pop rocks, just to bug baby sisters named Em!

The GA's will definitely be speaking of your proselyting to Mormonism influences via blogging at the next General Conference... you bet your behind!

PS Kudos on the workout! One time is a total record for you... JK! I just love your sarcasm and it makes me want to tease you back.

Love you!

Kristen said...

I love this post. I thought the article was interesting. I liked parts of it but rolled eyes at most of it!

Kristen said...

Amen!! Send her over to my blog as well. ;)

Pinspot said...

I have mixed feelings about that article. I'm kind of on her side.

FOX said...

Mindelelicious, I am one of those over-educated Mormons, and I say good for you and your comment.

The world would not be what it is if we didn't have democracy and the freedom to choose.

I just had a debate with my husband that I think marijuana should be legalized. I am not afraid to say it but I will have many a Mormon freak out. But in my opinion it would stop crime, is safer than alcohol, is medicinal for terminally ill people, would stop teens from feeling the need to sneak,... and above all if we have the freedom to choose to drink alcohol, who has the right to take our freedoms away... not that I would ever try it or will ever... I am just a proponent of free agency.

But my husband was shocked with his socks right off.

This may be beside your point but as a Mormon, don't think we are all judgmental.

I welcome differing opinions as there is always views that one person sees that another doesn't... and when brought to light by said second person... the first person might be enlightened.

FOX said...

Emie, I am the one who deleted my comment! I am a little anal about having made a spelling mistake on you blog since you are so linguistically talented!

I am going to send you some Frankenpoo (it is sugar-free you OCD freak) so that you can quit feeding Gray those messy 'treats' and be able to live up to the stereotypical CLEAN Mormon Mom!

Don't worry though, we were playing Disney's Apples-to-Apples today as a family and the word was 'scary' and all the kids threw down cards... and the card that won was 'cooking'... when I inquired as to why... Jake said... I was thinking of Mom's dinners!

luff ya!

acte gratuit said...

I actually like most of the article. It's just that the parts I didn't like I REALLY didn't like.