Jul 30, 2006

Two Years of SAMMY BOY!

Sammers rolling in grass while Daddy cuts lawnI've been remiss the last few days for not mentioning an extremely important family event. On Monday, Sammers turned two! To celebrate the day on Monday, we thought of what he'd most like to do and decided on dinner at McDonald's. Now before you mock our cheapness, you should know it's a McD's with a PLAYPLACE! And he got his OWN HAPPY MEAL. (I still drank his chocolate milk though...it's not like he won the Nobel prize...). Anyway, we were joined by our new friends...we'll call them "Your Replacements" or just "The Replacements" for short. Mister Replacement is Dug's co-worker/fellow 1st year resident, and they have two adorable little girls who Sammy likes to follow around. SO! That was Monday. YESTERDAY, was the main event.

Hopefully you wouldn't for one moment assume I let the occasion pass without stressing myself out over a cake and a party. (As a wise person once said, "Assuming makes an a$$ of u and me."...get it?) So Friday night I spent between 2 and 10 hours cursing under my breath while trying to make a Lightening McQueen cake. (I ran out of red sprinkles, had to patch up some white spots with dark pink, and just generally didn't enjoy the artistic process. Luckily, Sam is obsessed with all vehicles so he liked it despite it's junk-yard appearance.)
Saturday we had invited over all the families from church that we've met so far to come for lunch, excessive sugar consumption, and general kid-induced chaos. We broke out the Bounce House for it's first use and the kids ran rampant through the house and yard while the adults chatted. As far as I could tell, a good time was had by all. Now for a Dub family birthday tradition. It's the "What's Your Favorite...?" game! Starring the amazing SAMUEL!!! (Use the voice of the "Price Is Right" announcer guy.) Sam..what's your favorite color? "Boo Yeho" Blue or Yellow (They're the only two he knows)
What's your favorite toy? "CA-CA'S! COO-COO'S!" (Race cars or Choo Choo's)
What's your favorite food? "Keys" (Cheese)
What's your favorite object? "BeBe BayEee" (Binky/Blankie)
What's your favorite parent's name? "Mommy!!!!"


Linz said...

You know...I think that cake looked professional! I could no sooner make a cake like that than I could dance on the moon! Awesome!

Foot Handle Pete said...

looks like you guys are doing great. pretty cool cake. I remember when Kristin used to make fancy cakes like that. she made a dinosaur egg cake one year for nick that had toy dinosaurs breakingout of it. and once she made a dolly dress cake with a doll duck into the top of a dome shaped cake decortated tlike a dress. both very cool. seems like that is a thing of the past. maybe I'll ask for a bicycle cake next year and see what kind of a look that I get. Sammy: Who is your favorite northern california uncle? Foot Handle Pete

mama bear said...

Hooray! Sammy is 2! I've been waiting for pictures, where's the bounce house? Maybe we will come and steal it. By the way, your house looks great (the little bits I can see so far) when do we get the full monty?

mama bear said...

oh, and your cake looks totally awesome -- what are you crying about?

Adriane said...

He is so CUTE. I knew it was his birthday, too, only I thought that perhaps I was mistaken, but it WAS Pioneer Day, and I kept thinking, "Shouldn't it be Sam's birthday around now?"

And his favorite food is cheese. I trained him well.

Emily said...

Man, I miss the ordered chaos that is the epitomy of little kid birthday parties. Wait! What am I talking about? I'll have that at my house tomorrow for Camden's. The cake was fantabuous, Em! I've learned my lesson that I have no artistic creativity so I duped Nate's mom into making the cake! haha! Happy Birthday, Sammers!

Bartimaeus said...

The cake was very nice especially the use of the chewy "sprees" that I made a special trip to Walgreens to find...Oh wait they didn't get used. She did do an awesome party and she negelected to mention that she was complemented a lot on the cake and even more for her delicious Taco Soup Salad Stuff. Some of you have had that pleasure...It even received half of a mexican seal of approval from my 1/2 mexican friend!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, is Sam's birthday today? It's my husband's birthday too. Such a good day!

Looks like a fun time and I'm just telling you now, none of my cakes will ever look THAT good. Sheesh!