Jul 19, 2006


We had a fun morning at a new friends house today. To see pictures, check out her awesome photo blog with pics of the adorable children. Note to the Utahn's: The very talented taker of these pictures is moving to your neck of the woods next year. Hire her!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I couldn't help but look at ALL of them. You're right--she's good.

Anonymous said...

lol... thanks emily!! jen

snooze said...

I love the black and white of you and Max! Suzann

Adriane said...

Oooh, those are really well done. Nice job.

I hecka miss you guys, though.

(Hecka, by the way, is your Yay Area word of the day, so that you may retain some of the Yay Area culture with you even though you're so very far from here. Also I want to invade Rhode Island with Yay Area slang. Tomorrow, you and all your neighbors can get hyphy as you ghost-ride-the-whip!)