Jul 23, 2006

A few little things...

  • Max has made pigs his new standard of strength and agility. i.e. "Wow Mommy! You're as fast as a PIG!!!" or "Hey Daddy, will you grow as tall as a PIG someday???"
  • The heat wave in Rhode Island has turned into 'cloudy, with a chance of showers'. The temp. has gone down, but the humidity has gone up.
  • My friend Kim once said, "You know what I think of when I hear 'wooded acres'??? CHIGGERS!!!" (That's different from "jiggers" which is what my mom called 'boy parts' when she was little.) Anyway, I can no longer walk near trees without swatting at phantom crawlie things and casually running my fingers through my hair to check for ticks.
  • Max is saving his money for a motorcycle, a convertible, and a stretch limosine. Evidently, our Mini-Van is no longer hip. Also, I don't drive fast enough.
  • We started putting up the border in the boys room only to find we didn't have enough to finish one wall. How is it possible that I, a natural math wiz*, measured wrong? It's a mystery.
  • My ankles are healing just fine, thank you! (use sarcastic voice when reading this one, because no one even sent flowers!)
  • Samuel spent his first night in a "Big Boy Bed". He only stayed up until 10:30 and didn't even break any of the things he pulled off the shelves!
  • Maxwell is becoming quite musical. He's recently been singing songs about the relative merit of "cow milk" vs. "soy milk" and others of his favorite beverages. Sing with me now: (any tune will work if it's in a minor key) "I love soy meok but it has mo sugo then wahhhhto so I like to dwink kahkalete meok but not cows meoooooooook...." {Sustain that last note for a few counts and change keys a bit.}

*lies are told in orange.

It's not my fault the bullets are messed up. I'm also a natural computer whiz!


Mrs. Dub said...

you're supposed to send flowers for hurt ankles? who knew. i alwasys thought it was a bouquet of ace bandages. didn't you get the one i sent you? i'd chedk the neighbors or maybe under max's bed -- if you know what i mean. i mean, he did knock back a few at your last bbq.

mama bear said...

oh, I love being quoted! it makes me sound smart or something.

Adriane said...

When Max puts out his first album, I fully expect an autographed copy.

Connie said...

you totally have my permission to interview him. he's a good guy, i don't think you'll find anything wrong :)

Emily said...

Careful Em, first was the railing fear, which is understandable but imaginary creepy crawly thingies? You're starting to worry me a little. Just promise to call right away if you find yourself hallucinating...well, once you realize you're hallucinating of course!