Aug 7, 2006

Funny-ness, Disneyland, and The Fireside Song 2

I realize I haven't blogged for awhile, but there's a very good reason for that. Nothing the least bit entertaining has happened to me (or around me) for awhile. In fact, I've been feeling a little sorry for myself because how can I hone my sense of humor with no one to mock???

But of course, as I write this, I realize I'm mistaken. There is, of course, my darling husband.

Saturday morning he went golfing with his friend...we'll call him "Beaven" for the sake of anonymity. Anyway, Dr. Dub drove to Beaven's house, left his car there, and they drove to the golf course together.

A few hours later, Beaven's next-door neighbor came over and asked Mrs. Beaven if she knew who's car was in front because it had been running for the last few hours. Turns out, Dr. Dub not only left his keys in the ignition, he left the car running. It's even more unfortunate because the front window is stuck in the down position. (So the car wasn't exactly secure) I guess it's a sad commentary on the state of our beautiful new Honda that no one even bothered to steal it. Anyway, that incident was slightly entertaining but D took all the fun out of it by mocking himself before I even had the chance to. Hmpff.

Anyway, back to the real point of this entry. Since I didn't think I had anything funny to relay, (until I remembered the car incident) I was going to direct you to a relative of mine who's funny. It's almost like I'll seem funny vicariously through him. The relative is my cousin Allen Simpson*. (Yep, that's his real name.)

When I was a kid, we'd visit the Simpson family in Anaheim, CA every summer and take a trip to Disneyland with all the cousins while we were there. A favorite pass-time on these visits to the Magic Kingdom was to collect jaw-breaker-sized-pokey-green-things from certain of the Park's trees and while riding the Matterhorn, throw them at the Abominable Snowman.

Once in awile we'd get one in his mouth so it couldn't open and close, but usually they just stuck to his fur. Ahhh...good times, good times! Then at night we'd go back home and the boys would try to pin the girls and fart on them. Wait, did I say good times? Somehow, through the years I've managed to forgive Allen (and all boys in general) and I even helped him hook up with his beautiful wife. (Though actually, the rainbow colored couch on top of my carport had more to do with it then I did.)

Anyhow, now I'll proceed to prove that he's funny.

He, like the rest of his family, is extremely musically gifted and has written a new song. It's called, The Fireside Song 2. (You may correctly assume it is the second Fireside Song he has written) You can check it out at this website, and buy it or listen to a sample.

You will find it hilarious if you are:
1. A Mormon,
2. An Adam Sandler Fan, or
3. Both (no, they're not mutually exclusive.)
So there you have it. I'm practically funny and practically famous all because of my very-famous-in-certain-circles cousin!

P.S. Allen, you owe me a buck for this plug.

*Name not changed to cause embarrassment to the guilty


mama bear said...

Oh, that Doug... does he need the insurance money that bad?
SO I actuallywent to your cousin's website and listened, read, laughed and cried (If only Ricky S were mine). Thanks for the laugh!

Bartimaeus said...


Adriane said...

I feel this urge to call the Abominable Snowman Abuse Hotline...

Bartimaeus said...

Adrianne, there is no such hotline.

Adriane said...

You lie. Also one 'n'! One!

Bartimaeus said...


Watcher said...

So, I've been searching forever to find the real version of the Mormon Fireside song, the ones on the web now are not nearly as good as the one you say your cousin wrote. I found your blog by searching for his name. What's the story about that song? Do you know?