Jul 17, 2006

"Work Party" or "When Max Get's Tipsy"

Last night, Sunday evening, we were invited over to Cosmina's house for a "getting to know you" BBQ with all of the Pediatric Residents. Cosmina is a new resident along with Doug and two other guys: Steve and Matt. Anyway, Doug and Steve are L.D.S. as well as one of the second year residents, Eric. All of the others are not. So, the Mormon's all show up with their kids, and everyone else comes with their dog or significant other.

As is usual in this type of setting, Max could not be even slightly subdued. With other kids around and lots of snack food sitting within arms reach, he was bouncing off the walls, running laps around Cosmina's home, trying to wrestle the other kids, and just generally enjoying himself and distressing me.

Obviously with this much activity he was working up quite a thirst. He'd had about 12 cups of lemonade, some Sprite and some water but kept requesting MORE. Anyway, eventually he went in the backyard with his dad to watch the burgers being cooked and I was content that he wasn't knocking over furniture or other children.

A few minutes later I walked towards the kitchen to see how he was doing and watched in horror as he picked up a nice tall bottle of someone's unattended beer and took a big chug. He then calmly set it down. In the mean time, I'm racing across the room and trying frantically to open the sliding door between us while pounding on it at the same time to get Doug's attention. He's standing about an inch from Max but concentrating on the BBQ (and keeping smoke out of his eyes) and misses the whole thing.

Finally I get the door open...Doug is now looking at me in bewilderment with Max standing calmly behind him, and I tell him what happened.
He looks at Max, confused that he could have missed this:

D - "Did you drink some of that?"
M - *nod*
D - "Was it yucky?"
M - "Ewww...yucky, gwoss!"
D - "Don't drink that anymore, okay?"
M - *nod*

No one else thought it was that big a deal while I'm wondering if I can stick my finger down his throat and get him to throw-up.

And that is the story of how my four and a half year old came to taste his first beer. Hopefully his last.

Unless we go to anymore work parties.


Emily said...

Just when I don't think you're blogs could get any funnier, they do!! Wow. If the master of destruction is starting to drink this early, you've got your work cut out for you. haha*hiccup*oh, wait that was Max.

Mrs. Dub said...

Hey -- maybe he'd be a mellow drunk. You should think about it.

Sheba said...

I thought he was allergic to brewski's?

Connie said...


Leslie said...

that is hilarious. i'm a friend of the other mrs. dub and love your blog! my hubbie is an endo resident down here in texas. totally relate to the resident parties. we are the only ones with kids and ginger ales. :)

Mrs. Dub said...

it better have been heineken. that's what his dad used to drink back in our high school days. you remember the time at that one party? you were so wasted. man i didn't think someone could forget so much so quickly without a severe blow to the head. like father like son.

Adriane said...

Oh my goodness.
Max, Max, Max... see, this is what happens without me babysitting.

mama bear said...

How funny, Kody almost did the very same thing at our resident party! Luckily, one of B's fellow residents saw and stopped him before any of the amber poison touched his lips! So, my little baby bear is still innocent!

Anonymous said...

Actually the host and hostess were quite concerned about the incident as well and wanted to make sure we didn't hate them now. I assursed them that we still love them!

Linz said...

Awesome! You know when I was about six I accidentally took a gulp of my own grandpas whiskey...trust me, it cured me of any taste for alcohol! What a cutie! We miss you guys! Michael just laughed! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha that's so funny. it figures you'd totally trip about it while doug is totally calm. :) i love and miss you guys so much.

i <3 emy

love, shellybelly