Jan 30, 2011

Eating My Words

I found a photo folder on our computer P-Dougie had labeled:
"Mom puts child in danger for picture"
 Not true.  Gray was in no danger crawling and climbing around on the kitchen counter.  I was ready to drop the camera and catch him at any moment.  (As long as I got the money shot first.)  

Looking at these pictures made me laugh for several reasons.  See, I'm the youngest of five kids.  And I'm the first to admit I used to be something of a know-it-all*.  

And well, occasionally I saw fit to give my elder(ly) siblings some parenting and child-rearing advice.  

Gleaned from my years of...
book reading and babysitting experience, obviously.  They were always super receptive and appreciative.

Anyway, I remember back in those days having some pretty strong opinions about what kind of parent I would be.  For one thing, I would NEVER let MY child run around in only a diaper.

Even worse, a FULL diaper.

And no child of mine would ever be seen with a snotty nose.

I mean...that's just gross.

How hard is it to just get a tissue and clean the poor kid.

Pretty hard evidently.

*Now I actually do know it all!


Linz said...

I do believe I said those same. Exact. words. At some point, all mothers suddenly realize what battles are worth fighting.

FOX said...

So I have to tell ya'... When I used to watch Misty's (my CO neighbor) baby toddler, he used to beat his forehead on the ground if he was mad... so glad he taught my little Rainy that by the way too...

but anyway... one morning she brought him over for me to babysit and he had bruises on his big' and I mean big ol' (they have HUGE foreheads in that family... it's like an orange on a toothpick [said with a Scottish accent])

Well we took a close up picture... broke into their house (don't put felonies past your brother) and then changed the wallpaper on their computer to a close up of his bruises... then we added at the bottom "Child Welfare Services 303-6XX-6100" (We used the correct phone number since we were foster parents and hand it memorized but I don't remember it now)

anyway your first liner of this post made me think of this SUPER LONG story! So I had to share!

Seriously if I find the picture I will email it to you. His head was soooo blue he had a huge blood vessel sticking out!

Have you ever tried to watch someones kid when they BEAT their heads on the sidewalk? URGH! :)

Nighty night emmie! Luv ya! BYU shirts and zip up hoodies are on sale for 70% off... do you need some... well they are Doug sizes, unless you were serious about having no mirrors and only drinking cocoa... JK JK JK JK!

Now blog about your sand!

Unknown said...

Oh we all had so many of those ' I will NEVER....'....yea never followed through with one! :) Bottom line - you are a fantastic mama and yes because of your years with the best roommates ever, you do know it all!!:)