Jan 4, 2011

Welcome 2011

We had a great Christmas and New Years with friends again this year.  As soon as I have gathered all the necessary photos, I'll blog about 'em.

The boys are FINALLY back at school (well, the oldest two) and all I want to do is crawl back in bed and hide from the laundry.
BUT, it's a new year and this year, I'm resolved to conquer my laundry dilemma--not let it conquer me.  (If I throw away half of all the boys clothes, it would be physically impossible for them to dirty so many, right? RIGHT???)

In other news, my poor little Baby Gray is sick.  He has a low fever and cough and is, therefore, not currently the most smiley baby in the world.  It makes me realize how spoiled I am that normally he lets me set him down occasionally and plays happily.  This week he only wants me to hold him in-between his 5 minute cat naps.

Gabe is also sick with a seriously stuffy nose (the kid refuses to blow his nose!) making him talk with nasal voice (think Ruprecht from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)  "Mother?  Not Mother?  I wanna peanut buttah fandich, Mother!"

My coping mechanism to get me through the long cold winter is the same as it's always been.  No, I don't hide in the kitchen with a bottle of liquor (I'd say "Jack" but that would imply I know what I'm talking about and I don't.)  No, no, when the kids are sick and the laundry is piled up, I hide in the kitchen and drink...

Hot Chocolate.

And this year, I bought myself this handy little gadget to facilitate my addiction.
The Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker from Back to Basics.  I walked into the BX one day and they randomly had two of them.  I took one and ran and didn't look back.

My (Japanese cow) milk consumption has increased ten fold as I'm sure my weight will if I stop nursing right now.

Well, my baby wont stop whimpering so I guess that's my cue to call Urgent Care.
...and then I'll make some hot chocolate.


Linz said...

I have that same hot cocoa maker. I. Love. It. enjoy!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the link! I ordered me one today!

FOX said...

Em, I wish you lived closer... well no I don't cuz' I still want to visit or send Caleb (we seriously spent this weekend looking for his lost 'new' birth certificate, so I could by him a ticket... I wanted to give him a ticket to your house, as his present from Santa... that dang document.)

Anyway, I went to BYU last week and all the Christmas stuff was 50% off, well apparently the Stephan's Mint with Mini Marshmallow Hot Cocoa was considered Christmas stuff, cuz' it was half off and so I bought each big can for $2. I had 6 in my cart when I turned to my friend from out of state, who had never had it, and I said to her "you don't know how good this is and how good of a deal it is... grab some!"

As soon as the nasty penny pinching lady next to me heard me say this, along with the price, she took her arm and scooped all the remaining cans in her basket. ALL! Not even leaving one for my friend. I felt bad and gave her (my friend, not the miser) two of mine...

but that leaves me with FOUR big cans of mint with mini marshmallows... if you were her... or I was there... so I could use your little handy dandy machine!!!

Rock on!

I hung my balls from Jenny! Aren't they gorgeous?!!! I loved your post on yours btw. I will show you a picture of mine in my next post. Although I hung them so I could get window light through them, and everyone likes them, but Rainy woke up to them and went... urgh... why didn't you put them in our glass bowl like Aunt Emily... (the little snot head... I mean angelic little Aunt Em lovin' girl!)

FOX said...

Love ya btw... let me know when you can google chat again. You can call me too. I am going to get a complex if I only call you. JK!