Jan 6, 2011

World Market Shopping Help Please!

Do any of you live near a Cost Plus World Market?  If so, can you PLEEEEEEEEEEASE go buy me these ornaments?

The website says they're only available in the store!

But they're HALF OFF!  (Only $5 for all three!)

And I collect glass ornaments!

And they're JAPANESE!!!

So please...can anyone help?  I'll reimburse you all the costs if you ship them to me!!!  (Two packs would be even better than one since my boys might break one!)

They're on sale half off right now, so you have to hurry!

I'll be your new best friend and send you some Japanese Sea Glass for your trouble!!!

With Sugar On Top,

P.S.  I was on the World Market site buying mugs to go with my Hot Cocoa maker and I love them!!!  (Mine are actually plain with no polka dots, but that set is sold out.  Love these ones too, though.)

P.P.S  Snow has come (too late for Christmas) to Japan!  Hence, I'm Internet shopping while drinking hot chocolate from my new mugs.


DianeM said...

I'll go check our local store out for ya, just cause I love you! I'll keep you posted:)

Linz said...

We are heading to Vegas in a few days, so if Diane can't find them, let me know and I'll stop and look there! They are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Emily, we have a world market close and Claudia is going to stop by today.

DianeM said...

I found two boxes! They'll be on their way soon!

acte gratuit said...


Anonymous said...

Emily... our World Market did not have those beautiful ornaments pictured in your blog but they did have some Pagoda's... did I spell that right:)