Jan 23, 2011

The Chosen

He was to be our unspoiled vessel.

Our protected and pampered perfect fourth son.

The one child never introduced to junk food--the healthiest of us all.

And then we went to San Diego last October and Aunt Bethy fed him "Swirls" chocolate frozen yogurt.  (Not a terrible start to a life long sugar habit in my opinion...it is quite yummy, afterall.)

And then to clinch matters, there was this:

 Sammy left his (M&M tube-given-as-a-prize-at-a-party) candy out.
 Based on family statistics, it's all down hill from here.  Next thing I know he'll be sneaking spoons-full of white sugar from the pantry!
"Why didn't someone tell me about this stuff before???"

Oh well.  

Better luck next kid*.

*There will me no next kid until/unless someone gives me a baby girl**.  



MandiScandal said...

you crack me up. "GIVE ME A BABY GIRL!!" hey...my parents tried 5 times until they got a boy.... maybe just one more go around? then again...my friend's mom has 10 boys and only 1 girl.... and i think shes like number 8....so.... maybe your luck isn't around the corner after all

jefferies said...

You make me laugh so hard! Your blog is therapy for us boy laden families. Even though we love our boys. Truly.

Linz said...

Welcome to the dark side, Gray-Gray! It's a wonderful place! ;)

Sandra said...

My motto: if the M&Ms keep the kid quiet, sprinkle them all over the house and never vacuum!

Morgan Hagey said...

HAHA! I just had my fourth boy 8 weeks ago. I do not anticipate him being any healthier than the rest. I keep having to remind his brothers not to feed him real food!