Jan 18, 2011

Christmas Day Re-cap

Remember how last year was the best Christmas morning in the history of Christmas mornings?  Because Max and Sam both got exactly what they wanted from Santa and couldn't have been happier???

 We had high hopes that this year would be just as awesome.
 Foolish mortals!

Sure, he looks happy now...
Not so much.  I believe the quote we got from Sam was:  "I didn't get ANYTHING I wanted this year!"  (Said as he played with the Buzz Lightyear Lego ship he specifically requested in his letter to Santa.) But hey, you win some, you lose some.  (And by "you" I mean YOU SANTA!  Ya loser!)

Sam=what it looks like to be underwhelmed. At least Gabe is excited by his "Ting fwum da BX wif da two Piewats!"

"Eh, it doesn't suck!"

Max likes his yukata

Gray-Bear eating his "G"

Of course, Santa is not totally to blame, see--Sam decided to change his wish list three days before Christmas after a kid in his class told him about all the different video game systems he'd be getting for Christmas.  Leaving Sam with delusions of electronic gadget grandeur dancing in his head.  (Thanks a lot spoiled tech-saavy first grader!)

A few other problems included: me being completely exhausted and having a really really really hard time staying awake.  Seriously.  Christmas morning.  Normal for me most mornings, but never on CHRISTMAS morning!  Also, some gifts (many books) ordered from Amazon didn't arrive.  Also, I didn't make the breakfast dishes I usually make.  (Sticky buns!  Breakfast casserole!) And did I mention I was just really tired?  I don't really actually remember most of the unwrapping though I've been told my eyes were open and I was in fact in the room.

BUT after a mid morning nap for me, things started to look up.  We had our great friends The F's over for the (also traditional) Ham-Feast-with-the-F's-on-Christmas-Day dinner.  And it was yum-my.  Erin makes the best crescent rolls in the entire world.  The.BEST!

Are you starting to be suspicious that I pick friends based on their cooking skills?  Well, I do.  All my friends are excellent cooks.

I bring my incredible good looks and hot chocolate making skills to the table.
That's how we roll around here.  (Also, my knowledge of hip hop high-school-speak.)

So yep.  We had some great food holidays around here.  Good food, great friends, good times.

Oh, last thing:

My FAVORITE gift received this year?  Glass!  Some "reclaimed" glass floats from Doug and colorful Romanian friendship balls from my sister Jenny!  Beautiful!!!  {Picture forthcoming}
(:  Also, the yummy treat an anonymous friend left on our front porch Christmas Eve!  :)

The end.

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Linz said...

:) Auri changed her mind a few days before Christmas too. But I told her Santa has a cut off date. It was two weeks earlier. She rolled her eyes, but accepted the deadline.

Glad you had a good Christmas!