Feb 25, 2010

Meet Princess Q

This little lady just went home the other day after staying with us for a little over a week.

These pictures were taken the last day of her visit. It took me that long to get her to smile at me.

THIS was her resting face most of the time...(not just when Gabe tried to man-handle her.)
(Either this disturbed face, or her "why is the world so unfair?"-head-thrown-back-wailing-piteously face.)

Little Miss Q is quite a kid.

Some of her dislikes/pathological fears:

Taking a bath (Seriously! What kid is afraid of taking bubble baths?)
Being abruptly weened.
Being away from her parents.
Seeing her parents on the computer and not being able to get them to come OUT!
Being set down.
Hair spray and blow dryers. (not that I tried to style her hair or anything...)
Having her food messed with. (peeled, cut, ripped or torn into smaller bites)

Some of her likes/preferences:

Elmo. And only Elmo.
Soy Milk.
Being held all the time.
Eating clay. (I took her to pottery and gave her some clay to play with. She was MAD when I took it away after finger-sweeping her mouth.)
Going to bed. (She may have just been relieved to be rid of me.)

Good thing she's so stinkin' cute!!!

Her older brother wasn't nearly as demanding. He homeschools himself. He plays quietly. He never yells. He's a calming influence on Max and Sam. Gabey loved having him around all day...imitating whatever he did.

Cute kids! We'd keep 'em!


Lyana said...

That is hilarious!!!:) Oh, princess Q-hahahaha. So cute and so girly.
You wanna babysit prince M. sometime?

Linz said...

What a cutie little princess! I love how Gabe was trying to keep her close! =D

acte gratuit said...

Yep, Gabey is quite the ladies man!