Feb 4, 2010

Things I Love

Well, since it IS my BIRTH month, I should be positive, right? Even if it is still crappy weather and my husband IS going to miss my birthday. (I can't complain. I get to meet him in THAILAND two days after my birthday. Well, I can complain a little bit. Since it's my birth month. And I AM the Birthday Brat.)

Anyway, before I run out of positive energy, I'd better do this post.

I LOVE when Gabey climbs in my bed in the (early) morning to "cuh-yo" (cuddle) with me. (Every day since Doug's been gone.) Usually he falls asleep for a little while, then wakes up and wraps his skinny arms around my neck and smiles at me and kisses my face. He can't usually be bothered to stop and show affection the rest of the day, so I have to soak it up when I can.

I LOVE Valentine's Day decorations. I should leave them up the whole month instead of taking them down after the 14th. I came home from the hospital on Valentine's Day so my mom always made a big deal out of V-day for my benefit. (I do not love the heart sewing project I started and didn't finish, however. Curse all sewing projects! No love! Sorry!)

I LOVE when Doug posts pictures of me with my ex-boyfriend/fiance on his blog and then I have crazy, disturbing ex-boyfriend dreams all night. (This is sarcasm, people.) (Does this happen to anyone else when they're pregnant? I ALWAYS have weird ex-boyfriend dreams when I'm pregnant!)

I LOVE reading Doug's Thailand updates! (This is NOT sarcasm! I really do!) I'm getting really excited to go meet him out there. (Even if I'm a tiny bit worried about giving birth in Bankok. Although I hear they have excellent medical facilities there...)

I LOVE seeing cute BOY stuff on-line. Even if I'm too cheap to buy it and too lazy to make it. (DesignMom.com just featured two boy-centric blogs today: www.dana-made-it.com, and madebyrae.blogspot.com)

I LOVE living in Japan because it means I got a Samurai Sword back scratcher (from Max--I'm always itchy...) and a Sushi Play-doh set (from Doug) for Christmas! *I'm going to use the little sushi Play-doh molds in my Hand-building class to make clay sushi for the slab sushi plates we make!*

Oh, and I LOVE well-made Tempura and yummy, hot Ramen, and (some kinds of) sushi, and seeing cool Japanese stuff I never thought I'd see in my life! (Even if I had no desire to see it before moving here. I love it now!)

I LOVE teaching pottery because I get paid to play with clay!

I LOVE that Max makes sack lunches for himself and Sam everyday. I love it so much I'm not even going to mention the resulting mess. Because it's worth it for me not to have to make sandwiches everyday.

I LOVE Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, even if I do spit out the nasty walnuts. And even if eating half a pint DID give me quite the stomach ache last night. It was totally worth it.

I LOVE Spring Time and I'm so glad it's going to get warm next week and never get cold or snow here ever again! Ever! (Happy place, happy place, happy place...!) (CRAP! It's SNOWING AGAIN!!!)

I LOVE Skype. It's freakin' amazing when you think about it. I get to talk to Doug, and SEE HIM every night.

I LOVE feeling Baby kick (no, he still doesn't have a name) and watching my stomach undulate. I think I love the word "undulate" now that I mention it.

I LOVE things that make me laugh out loud.
For example: authors P.G. Wodehouse and Douglas Adams; the blogs None of Your Beeswax and How NOT to Dress Like a Mom; t.v. shows like 30 Rock and occasionally Community; and people--like Doug when he tries REAL HARD!

I LOVE good books that don't have gratuitous s-e-x and swearing in them. Can't think of any at the moment, unfortunately...

I LOVE 80's music! And I really love that Max and Sam were fighting over whether or not to listen to "Promises, Promises" or "Lay Your Hands On Me" in the car one time. (Both from "Rock of the 80's.")

I LOVE ice cream. Did I mention that already? I think I'm going to go eat some now.

What things do YOU love?

Oh yeah...I LOVE blog comments...!
hint hint


Lyana said...

I love my friends:)
okay, well, I love Robert too (I guess I am supposed to say that first), but he is a different type of friend.
I love watching my kids play peacefully (doesn't happen much). I love my time to do whatever after kids go to bed.
I love getting haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages!
I kept thinking of posting a similar post on my blog, BTW, so if you see one, don't think I copied you or anything:)

Beeswax said...

I also love chunky monkey but dislike the walnuts. Not only do they interfere with flavor and texture, I am also a little bit allergic to them, and they make my mouth sore.

And thanks for the plug! I wish I could go to Thailand. But I think you should avoid giving birth there, if possible.

Community started off pretty rough, but now it is getting better all the time. Loved the one where was on the debate team.

Becky said...

I love your blog.
I love 80's music too.
I love the Arizona weather right now.
I love that my husband took my 2 year old to work with him for a few hours this morning.
I love kisses from my little boys.
I love the smell of orange blossoms.
I love that today is a Friday. Wahoo!

Bartimaeus said...

I love you!!! Does that count!
I used to love Monkeys

joannae said...

Since becoming pregnant my dreams have gotten crazy, and yes, they include an unwelcome abundance of bizarre ex-boyfriend AND ex-husband dreams. (Also, I can no longer tolerate eating sweets, to include ice cream of any variety, so count your blessings as you pick those walnuts out of your Ben and Jerry's.)

P.S. I'm also having a boy! (And I forgive him for the whole no sweets thing.)

Lisa said...

I love chunky monkey too. And seriously I can't believe doug put a picture of you and your ex-boyfriend on his blog. I don't think I will ever be mature enough to post a picture of my hubby with his ex on my blog. Maybe if it was a really bad picture that made her look like Bea Arthur or something, but I don't think a picture like that exists.