Feb 17, 2010


Well, we're back.

I got home Tuesday night and Doug got home Wednesday afternoon.

We've already acquired two extra kids (30 minutes after I got home) for a week.
(From the neighbor who watched two of my boys while we were gone.)

We've already had a fight. (My fault. Brought on by exhaustion last night.)

Sam has already been spanked. (Not by me, but evidently he deserved it.)

I've done approximately 77 loads of laundry and still have 2 or 3 left.

We had to make our own dinner last night and change the sheets on our bed--all by ourselves!! (If I'm going to do laundry for three days straight, may as well do the sheets too, right?)

The small patch of sunburn I got on the top of my left hand is already fading and soon I will be my normal, completely pasty-white self. (I also sunburned my scalp where my hair was parted, but I'll bet no one even notices when it turns to a tan!)

Doug is afraid to reconcile the budget for the month, and I just want to go back to a place where I don't have to cook again. Ever!

But, life is good none-the-less.

The boys were happy to see us (for a minute or two) and had a great time staying with their friends. Plus, they liked their souvenirs and were thrilled to get one each from mom and dad...

We got some great mail while we were gone...packages, birthday cards, and even one more Christmas card...(Thanks for the cards Kim & Jenny & Uncle Paul! Thanks for the book other Jenny! Thanks for the V-day loot D&C!)

The two extra kids I have are excellent: A big boy to play with my boys (and he's VERY well behaved) and one adorable baby girl with HUGE brown eyes... (who lets me dress her up and style her hair...)

My cankles have decreased in size somewhat...

The weather has been slightly sunny to ease my transition back into winter...

My cupboard is filled with new Tupperware which is filled with healthy stuff...(which I'm hoping to figure out a use for...)

We can get back to our nightly Vita-Mix fruit/spinach smoothies every night...
(throw in some flax seed and they keep you regular...!)

So, like I said, life is good and it's good to be back.

I suppose.

But I wouldn't mind a trip to Thailand around this time next year.
Yep. That'd be fine with me.

But in the mean time,

Pretend I'm saying that like I mean it.


Melonie said...

I'm soooooo wanting to go to Thailand. Maybe if I get my hubby to read your posts he'll agree to it. ;-)

Either that or he'll want one of those Vita-Mix smoothies.... he likes being regular more than he likes travelling. bwahaha

Linz said...

It's never fun to come back to reality. Boo. Glad you had fun though!

Beeswax said...

Ah. Is the REGULAR life so bad?

I'm looking forward to two weeks in Carlsbad this July. It isn't Thailand, but it seems better than a spinach smoothie.

Anonymous said...

Sorry reality hit so soon on your arrival. I enjoyed ready about about your great adventure,
Sorry you didn't get the V-Day package before you left.... I'll do better for St Patty's Day.

love, C

lacey said...

Are you gonna post some pictures? Did I miss that part? I really want to see where you vacationed so I can show my husband and lay on the guilt.

I'm glad you found your nativity. People/collectors go nuts for those things. I know, I helped our stake do it's annual Creche.

Oh back to the real world- glad it didn't knock you down upon arrival. IT couldn't, you had to watch other kids! I'm thinking you might be a good go to person in the future ;)

Oh, btw. The Inteligender test was wrong! It said boy. But, no doubt about it. This boy is a girl! Maybe you might be getting a delivery surprise down the road!

mr. underhill said...

"Vita-Mix fruit/spinach smoothies?" Really? You move out of the country and you loose all semblance of taste? Who knew?