Feb 23, 2010

Random Thailand Photo's

No Smoking,
No Stinky Durian Fruit,
No Alcohol,
No Dogs,
No C0pulating,
No Large Fire Arms,
No Crazy Horned Animals
in the Taxi!

DO NOT wash your feet in the sink...(hands are okay.)
No stomach washing either! (Or is that a baby bottom?) Hands are still okay.

Lunch anyone?


Ummm...Love Milk...!

Cankles, much?

In case you were wondering....now you know.

Cutest thing EVAH!
Yay Thailand!


Linz said...

That first picture is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing!

Kara Herron said...

My son went to Japan on his LDS mission and was always sending us hilarious pictures that he titled "Engrish". They were very funny. I love Asian people!

Anonymous said...

I must say those pictures cracked me up. Funny Stuff!


Bartimaeus said...

That is a no durian sign because they stink.

likeschocolate said...

Ouch with those ankles! You better take tht toe ring off before they have to cut it off. I have had that happen. Funny signs!

Beeswax said...

Dangit. You can't do anything fun in that taxi.

And my ankles totally beat your ankles. Had to wear flip flops to church today.

acte gratuit said...

Don't worry Likeschocolate...it's a true toe ring. Split in the back so it's expandable.

And Bees...it's just because I'm a few weeks behind you. I'll catch up!