May 28, 2009

To My Dearly Beloved:

How could I forget to mention you!!!
You were (practically) the HIGH POINT of my trip.  (But strangely, the low point for Doug.)
My two hour (too short) shopping spree amongst your beloved familiar isles, Target,will never be forgotten.  We didn't get to visit you until our last day in town, but I feel I made the most of our limited time together.

Doug believes I spent way too much money.  I believe the months of separation made it necessary.  Some of the treasures you provided:

Two really cute new tops and a jacket for me
An automatic pencil sharpener (needed for the kitchen)
Sharpies (which they probably sell at the BX but which I wanted to buy from YOU)
Some baby clothes for gifts (cute and on clearance!!!)
Clothes, socks and undies for the boys
3 bottles of Clean and Clear facial moisturizer
2 Nerf guns for Max and Sam
and much MUCH more!

I really miss you, Target!!!  Please PLEASE come to Northern Japan!  We NEED you here.

With MUCH Love,
(but not Doug)


Linz said...

I heart Target! I am so glad that you got to visit!

Naomi said...

I am never going to complain that the nearest Target is 13 miles from my home. Ever again. said...

Haa haa. truely inspiring "my beloved." we'll send you a gift card. and will CONSIDER a store in Tokyo for 2012.

the management, TARGET INC

LaLa said...


So glad you got to go to Target. I haven't been in over two weeks and am going through withdrawls so I can only imagine your pain.

If you and Doug need an emergency "budget counseling crisis" intervention via Skype, I'm here for you. I've gotten you through an overindulgent shopping trip to Target before and I'm sure I can do it again.

AnaMarie said...

My husband will be visiting the US for a very short trip. He has a shopping list including Cherry Pepsi that he will be attempting to fill his suitcases with. Sadly, being in Kanazawa we get even fewer imported goods here than people on bases or in the bigger cities.

Melonie said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA Love this post.

Target (or "that exclusive store, Tarjaaaaaay" as my mother says) is one of the first places I'm going when I get to the States next month. When we were in CA they built a fancy schmancy pretty lovely gorgeous BRAND NEW Target within walking distance of our housing. *angels singing, mommies swooning* They even had a Starbucks - so on the days we walked there it was TOTALLY treat city. heehee

My second indulgence will be Borders....luckily for me there is a Target right across the street from Borders where my mom lives. YAAAAAAYYYY!

DianeM said...

Are you cheating on Costco with Target? I KNOW you were in heaven on that trip. You giggled the entire time:)

Bartimaeus said...

...and did she mention MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more?

jen said...

you are so freakin funny!!

onesilentwinter said...

Hi i'ts nadia from la porte rouge! i need your mailing address, email so that i can mail you your swappee info!!!

could not find email for you( so sorry about writing this here)

A New England Life said...

Don't feel to badly, I've never had Target at all. However, there is one about to open just down the street from us in July. Should be fun as we have visited other Targets in different areas.

I need to look through your blog a bit more! You sure are a long ways from home!