May 10, 2009

Hey Fae! Whaddaya Say? HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

I would like to publicly announce that my mom is in fact 
better than your mom!  

Sorry, but it's true.  

Deal with it.

Here are some things I've learned from The Faezerator over the years:

  • The importance of Christ-like service and kindness.  She gives both freely and abundantly.  
  • How to be thrifty, shop for bargains, and clip coupons.
  • "You're skinny enough!  You don't need to exercise!"  (Reiterated throughout high school and college on the rare occasions I tried to start working out regularly.  Although she hasn't mentioned it lately...!)
  • "It takes two to fight."  (Told repeatedly to my sister Jenny and I if we ever tried to tattle on the other person.)
  • How to be a great Hostess--(you over-feed your guests, in case you were wondering...!) even if it was a role she didn't always relish.  (She did all the work while the rest of the family enjoyed the company.)

  • How to make homemade whole wheat bread, cook a turkey, and make Taco Soup Stuff.
  • If you insult someone you have to say three nice things to them to repair the damage to their psyche.
  • Popularity isn't worth it.  (Not worth tears, and definitely not worth the price of Gerbaud Jeans or an Espirit Book Bag.)
  • Doug is a great man, you're lucky to have him, quit picking on him, he's always right!  (She always takes the side of the in-laws, darn her!)  (Of course, I DID know the first part.)

  • To love reading.  Starting in first grade, after being diagnosed with "borderline ADD", I climbed in bed with her every evening to read.  First she read to me, then gradually, I started reading to her.  I went from being a slow reader, to one of the best in the class that year.  Being a good reader is the only thing that made school bearable for ADD-me.
  • To love good music.  I remember many dates to see Symphonies and Operas with her as a kid.  She was also the one who drove Jenny and I to weekly violin lessons, orchestra practices, and recitals.  (Plus, she listened to a LOT of church music which is why I know all the words to every Janice Kapp Perry song ever written--and who sings them.)

  • To love children and find joy in motherhood.  You'll never find someone who loves or nurtures her grand-babies more.  And I know she was the same with me and my siblings.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. 
  • I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!  
  • There's always hope.  (Even after getting breast cancer twice, losing a home, and being divorced.)
  • How to be a great mom!  (I just try to follow her example.)
You're the best Mommy!   I love you lots and lots!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job, well done. I'm really looking forward to your Father's Day post. love Dad

FOX said...

No argument here!!!! Good thing she has adopted me!!!!!

MandiScandal said...


as if.

excuuuuuuse me?!?!


OK.. I bet she is an amazing mother but I blogged first that mine is the best... so... I had first dibs.

But... happy mother's day to YOU as well you stinkin adorable mother!

Melissa Abby said...

Cute :) And oh my gosh, the Esprit book bags, I definitely got a new one every year!

Mommy said...

Wow, Emily--THANKS for the nice tribute! That sure made my year! And thank you for the beautiful earrings! How fun to get them in the mail, even when I didn't win them. Amazingly, John said he tried to win them for me also! Great minds.....all of us! they are so pretty.
I get to teach (sub) primary today. It's been a long, long time! 7-8 year olds. Better get my lesson learned. THANKS AGAIN! HOPE YOU HAD A LOVELY MOM'S DAY. Lots of Love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo to all the boys.

Unknown said...

Happy Mothers Day Fae and Happy Mothers Day Emmy! Love you both!

Bartimaeus said...

Yeah For Fae. AND I am always right and you are lucky to have me!!!


marissa said...

Great advice Fae! Thanks for sharing Emily!

yournoseyneighbor said...

thanx for reminding me in words i could never put together. you forgot to say she is the most charitable, kind and Christ-like person i have ever known. i need to get to know her better. maybe on our next trip to utah i'll check her out to say howdy. and have some homemade whole wheat bread.