May 5, 2009

"Man Plans, God Laughs!"

Ever heard that expression?  

Well, it's very fitting in this situation.

My mom and her new husband John just got their mission call.
They REALLY wanted to go to Argentina.  (Where he served his mission many many MANY years ago.)
They made contact with the Mission President down there who put in a request for them.
They campaigned for Argentina.
They prayed for Argentina.
They PLANNED for Argentina.
And then God laughed...

and He's sending them to...

the Dominican Republic.  

Who says Heavenly Father doesn't have a sense of humor?!?!?!?!?!  (I've always known it...)

They leave in July and will be gone for 18 months working on collecting records for Family History.  (er somethin'.)

(And Doug is going to send me home for their farewell!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To the U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's a keeper, that Doug...)

If you want to see the (second) opening of "The Call", visit the Dahl's at the Call's.
Click HERE!

Congrats MOMMY!!!!  (And John:)

P.S.  Did you watch my movie yet (in the post below) and comment saying how awesome it is???  Huh???


Linz said...

Yea for Fae and John!! THat will be wonderful!! I am sure you will be hitting up some Targets while you are stateside, right?! =D

DianeM said...

Will you also come visit ME while you're in the states? Just checking. Congrats to Faezer and John.
And yes, I loved your video. Your musicality rocks:)

Melissa Abby said...

How exciting you get to come home!

jen said...

r u coming to utah?? u BETTER come see me!! congrats to ur parents.. i'm sure they will love it:))

Polliwog said...

What mission is it? Dave served in the DR, Santo Domingo East mission. He got amoebic dysentery and dengue fever. But there were some good times too... ;)

Of course the couple missionaries will have better living conditions, I'm sure!

He did love it, though. How exciting for them!

Jenn said...

How exciting for them! My cousin went there and loved it. Tell them congrats for me.

No Buckaroos said...

That's where Katie WOULD have gone!