May 18, 2009

Getting Out of the Usual and/or Time Travelling to Hawaii.

Yesterday was Sunday.
We got up and went to church as usual.
We came home and had lunch as usual.
Then Doug and I did something UNusual.
We hugged and kissed our kids good bye,
left them with friends,
and went to the airport.

And flew to Tokyo.

And then flew to Hawaii.

Where we arrived at 9 a.m....Sunday morning.
(No. We did not go to church again.)

And now it's Sunday night late here in Hawaii. But it's Monday evening in Japan.
And we're all confused and out of sync.

But still happy to be here because,'s Hawaii.
And not only is it Hawaii, but it's America.

And that means that when Doug roared out of Alamo's parking lot behind the wheel of our sporty red Mustang Convertible, (thank you for the great deal Priceline!) I had no problem cranking the rock station full blast, sticking my feet on the dash, and singing loudly to the music with my hand hanging out the window surfing the air currents.

Something I would never, ever do in Japan...
where I try my best to be civilized and quiet and polite and give a good impression of Americans.

And although we really do love Japan and we love the adventures we're having there...
I also really love America.
I didn't realize just how much I missed it until I got here!
If we had to turn around and go right back I'd be happy because at least I
1) Have eaten some DEEEEEEEE-Licious Sweet Bread French Toast with Mangos, whipped cream and Macadamia nuts on top.

2) Listened to some excellent radio at top volume.
3) Shared a Virgin Pina Colada with Doug
4) Seen and laughed with 3 other awesome couples, all from Doug's residency in Rhode Island. (And with whom we're now sharing a beach house.)
Sometimes unusual is really, really good.

(case in point --->)


Lora Gooch said...

I am jealous beyond words!

Topsy said...

The best post of all time!!!

Ginna said...

oooooooooh, sure wish we were there. SO FUN!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Looks really cool. Have fun.