May 27, 2009

The Rest of the Trip

I've never been one to reinvent the wheel or duplicate effort.  (Read: I'm lazy.)  So now I'd like to refer you to my friend Diane's blog for details on the rest of the trip.  Just pretend I'm a gorgeous brunette who works out everyday and is all toned and healthy and stuff, oh and plus I keep my house clean 'cause I'm actually not lazy.  (You see, we're practically the same person.)
The only minor differences are these:  Doug and I didn't stay at the Hilton.  We stayed at the military owned Hale Koa next door.  (It was actually quite nice!)  We didn't paddle board.  (I'm pretty sure Doug was at the conference which means I was probably taking a nap.)  We didn't pose as statues.  (But I wish we did.)
The rest of the info from her last two posts is (practically) EXACTLY THE SAME!

Now to mention something of extreme importance:  My sunburn has turned into a surprisingly dark tan!!!  Unfortunately, due to the previously mentioned shoddy sunscreen application, I only got sunburned in random places, ie, a large spot in the middle of my chest, two slivers near my armpits, the top of my forehead, and two vertical stripes down my shins.  The rest of me is just a darker shade of pasty.  It sorta looks like I have issues with skin pigmentation.  

Oh well.  I'll take what I can get.  I'm lazy that way.


Linz said...

I am glad you guys had so much fun! I wish we could have gone to!!

DianeM said...

Probably your best blog post ever. That guest writer Diane is pure genius:)

miss ya!