May 19, 2009

Hawaii Day 2

"Oh silly me! I got knocked down by a wave!" *giggle giggle*"Hey wait! Now I'm being dragged out to sea! Doug...? Anyone...?? A little help here...! Gahhh...!!"


Turns out, SPF 4, shoddily applied, is not adequate for a pasty white goddess such as myself.

Doug claims this has been proven numerous times in the past.

I say "bah".

One of these days, Hawaiian Tropic will come through for me and I WILL get a natural dark tan of the Islands.

One day, day.


Lisa said...

Looks like you're having a blast. I love matsumotos shaved ice, it's soo yummy. It has been ten years since I've been to hawaii, but I'm not jealous, I'm absolutely not jealous...

Love the hat by the way.

Emily S. said...

mucho mucho jealous here. but I just saw your sister in law, Kris, and you didn't so who's jealous now!!

oh wait, that's still me.

Beeswax said...

That doesn't look like a bad day.

AnaMarie said...

I just found your blog, and am glad I did! I'm also from the US currently living in Japan through a rather random turn of events.

I have my own blog about living in Japan, and I must say I am currently highly jealous of the fact that you're able to drive around with the radio cranked up, singing along.

mountainmama said...

Ha, Ha....Travis and I love the hat you are wearing in the group shot. Did you borrow it from the old man working at the Burger Barn? Plus were are glad to see that you are safely out of the ocean. :)