Apr 12, 2008

An Eye for an Eye!

Max spent quite awhile this morning working on a tough puzzle and was pretty proud that he did it all by himself.

A few minutes later, before Daddy even got to see it, Sammy came by and messed it all up. Max was upset and I dragged Sammy into time-out. (Kicking and screaming, of course.)

While he was gone, I sat Max down and decided this was a prime teaching opportunity.

"Max, do you know what Jesus would do if someone slapped him? He'd turn his cheek and let that person slap the other side! It's called 'turning the other cheek'!"

Blank stare.

"Okay Max...give my cheek a little slap. Not hard, just a little one." (He looks baffled and slaps his own cheek.)

"No, slap MY cheek."

He pauses and then very tentatively slaps my cheek.

"See, if you did that to me, and I were Jesus, I'd let you slap the other side too!"

More blank staring.

This isn't going well. I'm quickly losing confidence in my example, the Bible, and my general comprehension of Judeo-Christian ethics.

"Alright Max, the point is, if someone does something you don't like, you don't get mad! You forgive them!" (But I'm not about to tell him to just let the person smack him again.)

Look of complete bewilderment.

I'm gonna let this one go. Time to deal with Sammy. Exit stage left.

"Sammy! You need to go upstairs and say 'sorry' to Max! You messed up his puzzle and that made him very sad! Go say 'sorry', okay?"

Sam leaves the room and goes upstairs. A second later he's crying loudly and stomping back down the stairs.

"What happened Sammy?"

"Max FWAPPED me!!!"

I quit.


annie said...

ahhh motherhoood, it ain't for sissies. Too funny!
-(cousin Stephanie)

The Jonas Family said...

How old are your boys? I have a three year old boy and a two year old girl right now and they are hard to explain things to and have them comprehend. In time I say it will come together. Either simplify, keep teaching it over and over until they get it, or just leave it and come back to it. But that is motherhood!

Melissa Abby said...

I just read this to Chad and we were both laughing so hard...what are we getting ourselves into :)

FOX said...

Emily, serious I have tears! I am laughing so hard I am crying!!!

OK! so maybe your having issues parenting, WELL you sure aren't having issues with expressive writing!

Talent girl! You got talent!!!!!

Linz said...

Heehee! I just love your boys! Motherhood is...well, not glamorous! Good effort, though!!

Jenn said...

That was too funny! Good try on the lesson though. Someday he'll get it.....

Girls Galore said...

Emmy, Don't try to teach MY kids any profound gospel concepts o.k.?!? HA, I laughed out loud.
What did you expect from him after you told him to slap you on the cheek? HA, I'm still laughing. So here's what went on in his mind from that moment forward.... Emily- blah blah blah. Max- "So I'm supposed to slap Sammy on one cheek and then again on the other cheek?!?"

Emily said...

What were you thinking? hahahaha so funny!

Emily said...

What were you thinking? hahahaha so funny!

FOX said...

Laura, that was a hilarious comment!!!! I laughed as hard as reading Emily's post!!!

mama bear said...

Wouldn't it have been easier (and less painful) to have taught him about walking in the other person's shoes to help them forgive?

Shelly said...

I wasn't surprised that Max slapped Sammy. He's like 6 Em. Jesus is complicated stuff.

I miss hearing Sammy talk. Oh dear he is so adorable.

And just so that you know, I'm laughing like:


Not like: