Apr 23, 2008

What's In A Name?

I started this blog a long time ago.

Hold on.

Let me check how long ago:

*short pause while I do some research*

Alright. It was 9/14/05.
That's September 14th, 2005 for you dummies out there.
(Sorry for calling you a dummy. Sometimes I'm just in a mean mood.)

Back then, my kids looked like this: (They're the boys, not the girls, Dummy!)

I only had two of them and they were perfectly well-behaved, sweet, innocent, and evidently extremely grubby. (This picture was taken on a camping trip. Give me a break.)

Following the example of my sister-in-law Laura, (aka Mrs. Dub) I started a blog and THIS my friends, is an exact replica of my VERY FIRST POST!!!

Read it carefully, for it explains EVERYTHING!!!


So I created a blog, looked through the "Foreign Words and Phrases" in the back of the dictionary for a clever name, picked my template...

I think I expected more.

Oh well. Maybe I'll be more excited about my first dip into blogdom when it's not so late. Or early. Or whatever. I just want to show off pictures of my adorable children. Is that so wrong? I think not. Goodnight!


Yes, that's right. I found the name of my blog, "acte gratuit" in the back of a dictionary in the "Foreign Words and Phrases" section. (The desk edition, not the pocket-size.)

It was a completely random choice made in the middle of the night. No, I do not speak French. My blearly thoughts went something like this: "acte gratuit: Gratuitous act. Hmmm. I like the word 'gratuitous'! And it's kinda like the creation of this blog! Sorta pointless and unnecessary!"

It was probably a few minutes later that I had to call one of my Young Women (this one) to ask how to add a link to the side-bar. (She's not linked on my side-bar because I don't want anyone stalking my Young Women. Or Young Neices (Madi). So just leave her (them) alone!)

After this stellar beginning, it took me 7 months to do another post.

And that my friends, is how I ended up with the name Acte Gratuit; two French words I can't even pronounce properly. And also the reason we shouldn't blog after midnight. Which is why I'm going to bed now.


Your Friend the Dummy,

Acte Gratuit

(That's "twee" not "too-it"!)

(...i think.)


Adriane said...

Woo! "a href" for the win! My favorite of the five-letter tags... "strong" never really did it for me, I still use "b" instead...

Wow. I just nerded myself out. I miss you, yo. And am still jealous that Shelly got to go back east last summer while I pretended that I was going to start job hunting.

Adriane said...

Wait, and look at that header. THAT is art.

Adriane said...

P.S. (hah I'm the first 3 comments on your page) don't worry about stalkers. I am now fully experienced in stalkers, and I can handle them. Life is funny.

FOX said...

Now Emily how is my plug for your blog (on my blog) supposed to work when you add a new post? Seeing as I told everyone to go read the (second) post "eye for an eye" and also to read the latest post (that talked about how great I am!) SHEEESH!

JK! You are so weird! I do my best blogging after 1am. UMMMMM! What time is it now?

See I told you!!!

Mrs. Dub said...

it's french? aw, crap. i think i assumed it was latin all this time.

Linz said...

I for one have always liked your blog name! It's cool.

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great name!! and i enjoyed reading your blog on the other blog. can i get your autograph??