Apr 5, 2008

Buy Our House!

This house selling thing really stinks! Today we had our second Open House. We cleaned for two days. The Open House lasted two hours. Three people came through. We've had zero offers.

After this sort of time investment, I expect some real appreciation! I want the Open House Attendees to gaze adoringly at my color-coded closet. I want them to inspect the grout I scrubbed on my hands and knees!

Yes, Lookee-Lou's, feel free to sprawl on my plumped couch cushions and eat at my beautifully set table. Sit on the toilet and appreciate the artfully arranged custom photography of local landmarks. Check under the beds! Open every cupboard and closet door! Sniff the fresh smelling air and feel the sun shining through the meticulously shined windows!

But whatever you do, don't traipse through the house in under five minutes (scuffing the newly painted staircase on your way) and disappear forever!

I made you muffins! I polished every door handle! I locked my kids out in the yard for hours!!!



My boys just want to come back inside!


Kylie said...

Oh man, I totally feel for you! We spent a YEAR trying to sell our condo!!! That is house long we had to constantly keep it clean. Man, it sucked. I really hated those people who would walk through in 30 seconds....grrr...

Anonymous said...

man it feels like just yesterday when you were going to buy the house and you showed it to me! where does time go??? good luck and i miss u guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in your same boat! I am trying to sell my house too. It is hard. I think we are going to have to drop the price to get more to come out. We have only had one showing in 3 weeks and no offer yet of course. How long has your house been on sell? It is so hard to keep the house clean, especially with kids! And do they really appreciate it?

FOX said...

I had to show my house over 60 times! and all I heard was blah blah about my navy blue carpet!

That is why we gave a carpet allowance! But nooo they couldn't picture themselves in my house now that they had seen it with blue carpet.

Bite me! OH! This is a venting post right?

Sorry about the trouble selling your house. I don't know why, I loved the pictures, you have made it look amazing!

FOX said...

Let's have a blog fast!

That is what I will fast for next Sunday.

Linz said...

Grrr... I hate home selling too!! Good luck!!!!!! I'll send anyone I know moving to your town right to you!!!

Jessi said...

The whole process of moving is awful, and when you add selling a house on top of it.... Well, most words used in polite society don't do it justice. I really hope someone buys your house SOON.

WOG said...

It's a sellers market !!