Apr 9, 2008

J is For...Cheesecake

I have a lot of Jennifer's in my life. First and foremost, there's my sister Jenny. You may recall she recently visited here from Virginia. Next we have the "ward Jen's". J-Co the Primary President and her counsellors Jenni M. and Jen T. All good friends of mine. Of course, we can't forget FabulousPhotographerJen (previously of R.I.) of Jen Lee Photography.

Friends Jenn Ross and Jenny Fairbanks were in my San Francisco ward, and Jennerator I've know since High School.

That's eight Jennifers, but I'm probably forgetting a few.
{Sorry Jen(s)}

Anyway, for the most part these Jen's don't have a lot in common. Except two. My sister Jenny F. reminds me of my friend Jenni M.

Here's what they have in common: Both of them are soft spoken, both have serious Internet Safety concerns, both have recently had serious below-the-knee fractures, and both love to BAKE! While Jenny my sister was visiting, she made us the best Ciabatta bread to go with our pizza one night! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. She's also the source of numerous other delish recipes.

Sort of like Jenni M., my friend and neighbor who stopped by with this yesterday:

Yep, that's right. Chocolate Cheesecake. But not just any Chocolate Cheesecake. Only the most delicious Chocolate Cheesecake I've ever eaten. (Better than any Cheesecake Factory offering I've tried...and that's sayin' something.) One of the best Chocolate desserts I've ever tasted! Like top three.
What did I do to deserve this? I had a birthday.

Bet you wish you were me, huh?!?

THANK YOU Jenni M.!!! You're my new favorite Jennifer!
Not that I have favorites or anything...

Gotta go. I have some eating to do.

I love Jen's!


FOX said...

Happy Un-birthday!

Now blow that candles out my dear and make your wish come true... ittt's - a-very - merry - un- birthday - toooooo- uhhh- you!!!!!

I stole that little diddly from Alice and Wonderland!

Which is where your head seems to be when you are eating chocolate cheesecake.

I personally take the firm stance that cheese does not belong in my sugar...

but I will say to your Jen, that that is the best "presentation" of chocolate cheesecake I have ever seen in my entire life! KUDOS!

Linz said...

Mmmmmm...that does look wonderful! I'm totally jealous!

Jenn said...

Darn- why didn't I think of something that delicious so I could be the "favorite"!!! Enjoy a piece for me!

The Jonas Family said...

I am a Jenni too! But just Jenni, not Jennifer. I am a friend of Doug's from Fairfield. We are also trying to sale our home here in Indiana before the end of June!

Looks like a delicious chocolate cheesecake. It is making me drool!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Em. I love you!


mama bear said...

mmmm, chocolate. Wait, wasn't your birthday like 2 months ago? Where's my chocolate cheesecake? I didn't even get a birthday cake this year!

Anonymous said...

Please post that recipe soon on your other fab blog. And, um it's not your birthday. But you probably already knew that.

acte gratuit said...

Jenni's foot was broken on my birthday and she wasn't allowed to stand except to go to the bathroom. So it was a BELATED birthday gift!

WOG said...

I need your peanut butter cheesecake BAD !! Is it a family secret recipe?

Shelly said...

I want some!