Apr 24, 2008

Oprah reads my blog for ideas!

On Tuesday I got to guest blog for my sister-in-law Laura. I wanted to know what YOU would do if you witnessed bad behavior by someone in a public place. Would you intervene? Get involved? Report them anonymously? Do nothing? The few times I've done nothing, I've regretted it later so I was curious about what others would do.

Then yesterday I just happened to catch a commercial for the Oprah show and tuned-in to watch. The topic was "What Would You Do?" and there were hidden camera's involved. Did you happen to see this one? What did you think? (Check it out here!)

It was disheartening to see so many people walk right past bad situations without stopping to help. But then were were the people who DID get involved and DID try to help. I was literally cheering out-loud for these people!

It made me all the more determined to do the right thing in the future.
Whatever that "right thing" is, it'll definitely be better than doing nothing!

Agree or disagree? Twalk amongst yourselves! (Then leave a comment)


Mrs. Dub said...

You are, like, so psychic. I didn't see the bit, but I'm glad they didn't tape me. While I would probably intervene, I would probably also go overboard in my attempts to help or get help for someone. I'm sort of an overdoer by birth.

Linz said...

Sweeeeet! You and Oprah! What a pair!

I will be trying harder too!

FOX said...

Dalyn is with us today because of someone who got involved. A lady called the police when she was witnessing the "mom" abusing him, and she followed the birthmother until police got there, just to insure that they would find her. That was the last day she ever had custody of Dalyn.