Oct 5, 2011

Party Planner Please?

Dear Friends,
I need to throw a Grand Opening Party for Doug's office.
Now, I love me a good party, but I'm no professional party planner and I don't feel qualified to throw this caliber of shindig.

See, for MY type of party, I buy some yummy desserts, invite a bunch of people over, we hang out, listen to music, and possibly play a really long strategic game like Settlers.  (If my guests are the type of people who like Settlers.)  Sometimes we watch Brian Regan clips on-line.

I don't do themes and I've never created a custom center piece in my life.  (Although I've made some epic birthday cakes.)

Therefore, clearly, I need a party planner.

One catch:  I can't pay you.  Except with my love and adoration.
Doug can though!
(Is that worth a party?  I dunno...I get free dental care for my kids.  Do I need to sweeten the deal with a shoulder rub?)

If you come from out of state, I'll even throw in room and board in our guest room (or garage depending on if I've met you before...)

In exchange, you would plan and throw the party (with a tiny budget provided by us) and then a bunch of people would show up, think it was awesome, and give us their unwavering loyalty (and business) for life.

One other catch:  We should probably do this thing in the next three weeks.  
No pressure though...!

Sound good?


And hey, I've already made a huge contribution!
I bought...

Tooth shaped tooth-picks.

You're welcome.

So do I have any takers?





(And before you ask, YES I'M SERIOUS!!!!)

(Why does no one ever take me seriously?)

(Don't answer that!)


AmyP said...

OK, I'm not a party planner, but I vote for a bounce house rental. It always attracts attention and the kiddos. Good luck!

Lucy said...

when? and what if my kids are all grown up? (they still need dental care.) and how about if you hire my daughter instead. she is a very good dental assistant looking for a new job in a warm city.

also, AmyP is right about the bounce house.

acte gratuit said...

We actually already have a bounce house! (See this post: http://actegratuit.blogspot.com/2006/05/we-bought-house.html)

Doug thinks it would attract more attention if we put it on the roof of the dental building.

Yes, small, children being bounced off the roof of a building would definitely attract attention...

Lucy said...

and result in broken teeth needing treatment. win-win.

Melanie said...

Have you racked Kristen's brain yet? She always seems to have fun ideas ;)

Christina said...

I totally want to do it, but we are in the process of buying a house and I think Jason might be a little ticked if I left town to throw a party.

Janelle said...

Emily... you're forgetting the ultimate party planner of all time ... TAMI HALES... get her to come stay for a couple days. I mean do you really need another reason to get to hang out with your bestest friend?

-Janelle P.

Robyn said...

Bouncy house? You might want to check your insurance do you need an extra rider for coverage for that? I would google party planners and see if you can find one call them and see if they would barter?....just a thought...best wishes and where is the office? I must have missed it.