Jun 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabey!

Poor Gabe.

Here it is June and I'm just realizing I didn't write about his birthday.
At least I REMEMBERED his birthday!  I'm not that out of it!

So he's four now.  And has been since last month.
(Seems like forever ago.)
He requested pizza for dinner!
Gabey is a very sweet kid.  He's happy and lovable and occasionally whiney.  (But we forgive him because he's happy and lovable.)
I made him a dragon cake...saw the pattern on "Family Fun".
Gabe loves his Mama the best.  I know this because he says "I yuv you Mama!" about a thousand times a day.  And then kisses me with his cute slobbery lips and says "I'm a kissing monsta, Mama"
Gabey spends his days romping around with his buddies, begging for popsicles and pieces of gum, and getting filthy dirty in the back yard.  (A dish scrubber is kept near the tub specifically for his feet--he's shoe averse.)  Never has a child led such an idyllic life.
Buddies:  I, G, and A
A few more things about Gabers:  (Hard "a")He's an obedient boy.  Sometimes we marvel that we have a son who actually obeys and doesn't get into TOO much mischief at this age.
He still thinks "peacock" is a siyee (silly) word.
He loves to play with his friends, and WISHES he could play Legos with his big brothers more.
He loves whatever his brothers love.
He loves Baby Gray
He has a great imagination and can entertain himself.  (Miraculous!!!)
He loves helping me in the kitchen
He loves his friends

And we love him!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!


Linz said...

Awww! He's so cute!! Happy 4th Birthday Gabey boy!!

Anonymous said...

We love him too!!!! Happy Birthday Gabey, we were there in spirit! Love the Hales!

mama bear said...

Happy birthday Gabey, we'll make sure the peacock is out when you come to visit!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! what a cute boy..... Happy Birthday Gabe!! And a mighty fine dinosaur also I might add!


S. Tallman said...

Love that dinosaur cake! Sounds like a great birthday for a very wonderful boy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fabulous boy! Happy BIrthday a week or so LATE! Again... We love Gabers so much! Can't wait to stick my head in a sand hole with him soon!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dragon cake. You are ready to go into business with your cake skills. What a fab mom

Anonymous said...

O.K. so it only took the family to inform me that his birthday was in June! I missed it twice now. Wow. What a fabulous aunt! Still love the Gabers!