Oct 21, 2011

Open For Business!

Although we haven't had the official 
"Grand Opening Celebration and Candy Buy-Back" 
(we're saving that for Nov. 1) 
Doug's office is open for business!!!

Would you care for a before and after tour?  (I personally LOVE seeing before and after pictures.)  Okay!  Here we go...!

Front Desk Before:  Many clashing shades of green.  No love.  No help.
(One day we'll have the money to replace the green cupboards...but that day is not today.)
Front Desk After:  Neutral color tones down the green.
My mom's painting adds a splash of retro color and awesomeness.

Have a good visit?  Earn a quarter for prize from the machine!  No cavities?  Extra quarter!
Machine from Gumballs.com.  Cute retro clock from Target.  Shilling Tin Toys on the counter (too small to see.)
Open Bay before:  Every shade of blue/green/turquoise imaginable.  A different color on each wall.
I'm so happy the previous Dr. took his water blue cabinet with him!!!

Open Bay after:  Walls all one bright happy color!  New flat screens on the wall (for staff) and ceiling (for kids).
Wall art from Pottery Barn Kids.
Happy patients, Happy Doctor, Happy Teeth!!!

Parent Waiting Room before:  Dull gray/green wall, old stained gray/green carpet.
Parent Waiting Room after:  Pretty green walls, Faezer's art, and super comfy mid century modern furniture.
(And cute throw pillows for Halloween.)

Mini chairs across from the long couch--these sit under two windows that look into the kid waiting area.

This little boy is the epitome of what my mother would have called a "Mud Hen" when I was a kid.  She used it as a term of endearment, but only when we were really grubby and disheveled!

Kid Waiting Area before:  I don't have pictures, but the kid area before was VERY dark.  We lightened the paint and added two windows that look into the parent waiting room.  The TVs were replaced with flat screens and new game systems were added.  Adorable tiny red chairs were purchased at Home Goods and red storage bench was found at a consignment shop.  It's a skinny little area, but I like having it separate from the other room.  In theory, the parents can have a little peace while they wait!
Wall art from Land of Nod.  The storage bench is filled with toys and vintage Little People.
(Not to be confused with Little Village People.) 
Doug hates the wagon already because Gray cruises around crashing into things with it.
I still think it's cute.  All the books were found at nearby thrift stores.

Quiet Room before:  Not my style...

Quiet Room after:  Much better.  (Wall art coming...)
And last but not least, I wanted to show you one last Consignment store find.  When I saw this table, I knew we had to buy it for...somewhere in the office.  Turns out, it's perfect for the employee lounge.  (Which, if we get super busy in the future, will be another quiet room.  Sorry employees.)

my table.
Please disregard the hideous folding chairs Doug bought at Costco.  Clearly, he has no respect for the 60's!  (Trust me...it's even cooler than it looks in the picture.  I can't wait to pick the perfect piece of art for this room.  Low priority though...)

So...that's about it.  It's still a work in progress.  We need a few more pictures and things, but for all intents and purposes, we're ready to go.  I personally love how it turned out but...

What do you all think?  
Would you take your kid here?

Many many thanks go to our talented advisors:  Laura, Kris E., Steph, Beth and lastly, our web designer Shawn who said "If you don't buy those couches, I'll kick you in the face." THANK YOU!


Angie said...

So Absolutely Awesome!!!!! I wish that we lived close enough to go to Dr. Doug's office! I love, love, love all the vintage touches. So cute! Nice work both of you. Now take sigh and enjoy all your hard work.

Erin F said...

Wow, Awesome, you guys! Everything looks great and Doug is going to do great things!

mountainmama said...

I think I might just fly my kids to Cali to have Doug be their dentist. The office looks fantastic. Great work EM!!!

Christina said...

We would definitely take our kids there! Best of luck - you guys will do great.

Naomi said...

You just stole the table I want.

@lliE from FreshlyCompleted said...

Looks Great! I would totally go there...if I lived in CA.

acte gratuit said...

It's called destination dentistry people! Book your vacation, and your dental visit, all in one shot!!!

marissa said...

It really looks great! Way to go!

mama bear said...

Well, I love it!! We are still trying to save up so that we can do our big re-model, so I guess I'm just a teensy bit jealous. But really, I'm super happy for you guys and wish you all the best!

acte gratuit said...

Mama Bear,
It helped (tremendously) that we had money from the land lord for tenant improvements!
(Otherwise we'd have a few paintings and that's about it!)

Melissa Abby said...

Chad's office has those little leather chairs and the kids LOVE them! I got my hips stuck in one of them :)