Oct 1, 2011

Trip to Utah over Conference Weekend

The first weekend of October we took a last minute quick trip up to Utah.  Doug's dad is in the middle of radiation and chemo for cancer in his throat.  :(  So we wanted to visit and give him some love!  :)
A bonus was being in town for Conference and the blessing of our brand new niece Baby T.  (Daughter of Dave (Doug's bro) and Laura.)

We had a great weekend seeing everyone and had to go home too soon.

On our way out of town, we had breakfast with all of my Utah family.  Unfortunately, the pics are on a different camera for which I've lost the cord.  But it was good to see all of them too!

Baby T meeting Baby Gray

My boys LOVED Aunt Krissy's seeing-eye dog.
I wanted to boil them after they touched it (her), but I restrained myself.
*Dog hair!  Shudder!*

Cute cousins who were born only days apart.  Clearly, they're kindred spirits!

Aunt Bethy with cutie "I"

President Uchtdorf:  always a crowd favorite!

John and Faezer came up and "watched" some conference with us.
If you missed anything, I'm sure you can borrow their notes!

Sammy LOVES babies!

Baby Gray with Grandpa W.

These two haven't seen each other since they were babies.  But it didn't take them long to catch up!

Proud Mommy Laura, Baby T, and Sammy

Beautiful Family!

Ah, the cuteness!

Doug with his Dad and Mom

Their Favorite Child!

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