May 30, 2011

Things to Remember

This is my friend Cami.

Looks pretty happy, doesn't she?

That's because she just got her husband back from deployment.  I wasn't there for his arrival--it was at 4:30a.m.--but when I saw this photo of the family reunion...
One happy family!!
I asked if I could post it here with a few details.
Seriously, the longest night ever!  He was suppose to be in at 12:10 am.  We arrived, in the horrid downpour,  at the hanger at 12, and the plane had just diverted to Hokkaido.  We were told not to expect them for 12 hours.  So we went home and everyone gets to bed by 1:00.  Then I get a phone call at 3:30 saying they are expected to land in 30 minutes.  I wake the kids back up, load up, and arrive back at the hangar at 4:00 am.  He finally comes in around 4:30 and life is good again. 
The best part though, was telling the kids that we were going to pick up Dad.  I didn't tell them until it was time to go.  I explained everything to A as I was dressing her.  While I was doing her hair she says, "Mom, why are you putting things in my hair?  I can't lay down then."  I told her, again, we were going to pick up daddy.  She was finally awake enough that it registered and she got the biggest grin and started to cry.  P, he was up and dressed, grinning from ear to ear, before I closed his door.  I  am so glad things worked out!
Cory was gone for 230 days.  Encompassing the earthquake and all of the aftermath.  Women who survive husband deployments are already my hero's.  The women who survived THIS deployment should be sainted.

Welcome home, Cory!

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

A few more happy homecomings HERE and HERE!


Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day! We really appreciate all the service of the military! I read a book tonight talking about the flad and what it means. The red stripes are to represent England. The white is Liberty, the red is broken up by white stripes to show that we broke away from England and got our Liberty.

The book said "George Washington said 'the white stripes will show our children's children that we are fighting for liberty".

The stars were taken from Heaven and they did this so we would always remember God and how good he is to us. The Blue is to help us to remember to be true to our country, the good things for which it stands, and to try to keep our freedoms safe.

I just thought you might like that.

acte gratuit said...

That's awesome! Thanks, I love it!

Dave said...

You write one good blog. It was fun to read this and the blogs about Wes and Merrill.

Anonymous said...

I love clicking on this blog and seeing that happy face. :)