May 19, 2011

How to Help Japan Right Now...

So I've been thinking about YOU people lately and how I hear from a lot of people who want to help Japan.  People want to send pillow cases and blankets and coats and food and water.  And for the most part I have to say "I'm so"

Because we (Doug and I and also people on the base) just don't have the means to distribute these things to where they'll do the most good.
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So instead, we have to say, "Just donate money..."

But that isn't as satisfying.  I realize that.  It seems so impersonal.

So, like I said, I've been thinking.  (A dangerous pass-time, I know...)  

How can I help you help Japan?

Unfortunately, the "Paper Crane" project is finished.  (They received over one million cranes and doubled their donation--contributing $400,000 to Sendai relief!)
Operation Backpack is still going strong, but will not be accepting donations in a few more weeks.
So what else can you do?

Here's what I was thinking.  I know donating money isn't very fun, but maybe this would make it a little more...personal.
How about holding a Rummage Sale or Bake Sale with your friends or church group...
Or better yet, a Gourmet Dessert Auction!  (Ummmm....dessssseeeerrrrrtttt....!)

See how much money you can raise.

Write a check to the Red Cross.

Send the check to me.

I'll hand deliver it to the Red Cross people here on base.  And take a picture doing it.  And post it here.  So you'll see your money being physically delivered to the precise area it is needed.  Here in Japan.

Maybe that sounds a little anti-climatic.  But consider this:
You could have a fund raiser, buy a bunch of supplies, ship them here and then find out...
...that the needs have changed.
...that the shipping was terribly expensive.
...that the Red Cross could have gotten four times as many supplies buying in bulk, with the same amount of money...

See why a check is more practical?

Anyway, just a thought.  If you're interested, you've got exactly 8 weeks to get a check to me.  (Not made out to me...just delivered to me.)
(Of course, if you can't deliver within 8 weeks, which is when I'm moving, I'll just hook you up with a local friend.  Um...Lyana...?)

It's the best idea I can come up with using my limited brain power.  (The part that hasn't been addled by repeated Nerf gun assaults and diaper fumes.)

Let me know if you want to do it.  Or if you have a better idea.  I'm open to suggestions!  Leave a comment or drop me an e-mail!
And again, thank you for your help and concern!


Lyana said...

I am still impressed that you thought of all of that today:)

Anonymous said...

You are fabulous Miss Em! 8 weeks!!! Yeah. Can you get here and set up your home and most importantly the guest room and invite me to come over. I want to come play soon! Love and miss you and so glad to get to see you and your men.

nathalia said...

Hello! I wanted to write to tell you that I found your blog and have been pouring over it because my family and I may have the opportunity to PCS to Misawa in July 2015. Reading all your posts about Japan and moving to Japan have been so helpful but I have more questions! Would it be creepy if I emailed you? Please... I just want more helpful insights from a fellow Mormon military wife who has lived it up in Misawa. Thanks! ~Natalie