Jun 8, 2011

Pack Out! (and Proclamation)

We leave Japan in six weeks!

Today, 95% of our stuff left.

The movers came yesterday and started boxing things up.

Things we needed were shoved haphazardly put in select closets that were then marked with a large X.

They finished the job today.  (Our junk filled ten crates--not too shabby.)
The last three empty crates

Before they were finished, another Japanese company arrived to deliver our temporary furniture.

Think "90's-Air-Force-Hotel Chic".
Gray checking out the "new" couches.
Two little boys who shall remain nameless (Gabe and his BFF Isaac) took advantage of my distraction and did the following:

Ran in and out 397 times.

Blocked or dodged movers with extremely large boxes 26 times

Emptied a can of WD40 in my bedroom.  It stinks.  (Gabe says Isaac did it.)
Chewed and swallowed at least 20 pieces of pink Extra Sugar-Free Bubble Gum.  (Again, Gabe says Isaac did it.  --But he looked pretty darn guilty this time.)

Whadayado?  (Personally, I grounded Gabe from gum for a week.  He's usually a three-piece-a-day 'er.  We'll see how that goes.)

Isn't moving FUN?!?

P.S.  (and this is the proclamation part.)  Our stuff is headed for SAN DIEGO!
HOPEFULLY, we'll have an actual address (and job) by the time it gets there!

(Are you happy, Felix?)


Linz said...

CUTE boys! And I am so excited to visit you in SD. Tell Doug we are totally on board for a semiannual dentist/Sea World trip. :)

Michelle Glauser said...

What company does the moving? And do you know how much they take and what their costs are?

Anonymous said...


annie said...

I can't believe you're leaving already. It seems like yesterday you were blogging that you were going to Japan and trying to be excited about it!

S. Tallman said...

You will miss Japan the rest of your life! I have such good memories of my years at Misawa AFB and the Misawa Servicemen's Branch in the 1970s. I hope you do, too! Good luck with the move (and with the WD40)!

Pinspot said...

Well FINALLY! I'm so glad you're going to be in San Diego! It's your dream come true. I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!!!!!

S said...

Seeing this I realize I forgot to send you the Japanese sign for "do not pack" I guess the big X must have worked. Sorry