May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

One Hot Mama!!!

At my mom's wedding to John
Baby Emily with Faezer in Cottonwood Hospital
Sunday, February 12, 1978
Three days after my birth.  From my mama's journal.  (Which she is letting me borrow.)

Sweet Emily...I sure love having her with me.  I talk and sing to her and she stares right into my eyes like she understands every word....It's peaceful, and a sunny day, and I sure feel happy and lucky to have my sweet daughter here at last.  I'm thankful and telling Heavenly Father real often how I love her and that I'll do my best to bring her and all the children back to Him.  My five babies have been my most faith-promoting experiences.  They have all been miracles--how can anyone doubt God's love and power?  The baby, in my opinion could easily have died in delivery, yet was born without one mark!  A perfect treasure to protect and give back to Heavenly Father still beautiful, pure and lovely!  What a challenge in these days.  I hope we can do our best with all five--they all belong to Him and have such great potential!

Hope you don't mind me sharing this, Mommy!  It sums up for me some of your greatest qualities as a person and as my mother:  Your strong faith in a loving Heavenly Father, and the tremendous love you have for your children.  (And now grandchildren.)  I love you lots and lots and can't wait to see you in August!  xoxoxo

Faezer holding Gabey-Baby

In Cape Cod after Gabey was born
Baby Gray's first "official" bath
And a special thank you to my mother-in-law Susan for raising such a great son!  He made me French Toast with caramelized peaches for breakfast, and a Thai feast for dinner today.  I think I'll keep him!   Plus, you're just a cool lady even without taking your exceptional off-spring into consideration!  We love you.  And some day I'll download a bunch of your photo's to show off on my blog! :)

To all the Mommies out there:  May you strive to be as cool as mine.
In front of Camino
To the FOUR boys who made me a mama:  Thank you for not leaving too many stretch marks.  I love you lots and lots.  Now please go flush and wash!

And to those of you who HAVE a mother (or two or three):  My mom can beat up your mom.  (If she wanted to, but she doesn't.)

Happy Mother's Day!!!


@lliE from FreshlyCompleted said...

I saw your Mama yesterday. It was very nice (at Katie cousin's baby shower).

I had my baby Emilee with me, and I just wanted Fazer to hold her-- because I know she loves babies and I wanted her to love mine.

We talked about you and are so glad you're doing well-- and get to move to Sunny CA this summer. Almost makes it worth it.

Anonymous said...

Not easy to make Beth cry lately! Thanks a bunch Em. Love you and your mama Fae and my mama Susan. Thanks for being a great mommy to your boys...all 5! You are a fabulous mother in zion, a "mother who knows" and a example of truth and righteousness! Plus you're just plain wonderful!