Apr 20, 2011

Misawa Monday(ish) Preparedness Perspective

Pretend I published this two days ago, okay?  Give me a break...I'm on vacation.

I'd like to introduce you to Sis. Shelle N.  Shelle is our branch Relief Society President.  And let me tell you, she's had her work cut out for her these past few weeks!  Shelle's kids are all grown and out of the house and her husband is just finishing up his Navy career and preparing to retire.  I work with Sis. N. in the R.S. Presidency and I can personally attest that she is 1) Amazing 2) Hilarious and 3) A spit-fire!  Here's her response to my request for "perspective"!

Well what I wish I'd had was my radio.  I couldn't find it anywhere, so I ordered a solar powered, with car charger and battery back up, radio, light and has a cell phone charger with it.  We had a campstove, w/butane bottles, so we were good as well.  I did however go and get a small bucket with a handle to use for washing hair and body like the Japanese (100 yen store), but I needed a couple more lighters due to candles and the stove being in two different places, (again 100 yen store).  But I also got matches (store them in a bottle or vacuum seal them so they stay good and dry).  

I have also been thinking about "dry" shampoo, but most of them come in aerosol bottles, so I looked and you can make your own, but something so you don't have to use water and then you could wash your hair once a week.  I think that must be what the women years ago did, or else they just looked ugh!!   Oh yeah, I did improvise and used the car heater as a blow dryer and my hair looked half way decent!  :)  

I did have eternal flashlights (you shake back and forth), so no batteries needed, and they have ones that you can wind up as well.  I would get each one of my kids one if they were still at home. 

Because we had water the whole time, we were in much better shape than we would have been without it.  I did get some small plastic bags in case we had to make our own latrine.  I had several candles, they were in jars so they were a little safer to use than just candles alone.  I think I would make sure that I had some of the votives and then a couple of holders that are heavy duty because they are going to be burning a while at night or else a few candles in jars (these will burn many hours)

Obviously, we were still in our houses too, and this might be the biggest type of emergency that we all face, no electricity but still able to live in our house, so there are many things that you have available that you wouldn't have if you had to leave your house.  Lightweight foods, granola bars, ramen, maybe a package of the individual drink packets (this might feel like a treat after a few days), crackers/peanut butter/cheese packets.  Something to relieve stress a game or cards or chocolate!  

I was grateful for warm blankets, and my bed!  I was grateful that I had recently done laundry as well, but if the power outage had continued, it could have been interesting.  I do have a small clothes hanger that I would have used. 

Okay that is all my brain is able to process right now. 

Thanks Shelle!  You rock!

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Gayle said...

I use these for safe lighting during power outages.http://www.amazon.com/UCO-Candlelier-Candle-Lantern-Deluxe/dp/B000F7DN9I

The 3 candle ones have a flat surface on the top that you can set a cup to heat water. It won't boil but it does get hot enough for cocoa.

I am enjoying reading the preparedness posts! Glad you are having a good time in Australia!