Apr 10, 2011

Happy Weekend Points

  • We have Conference Weekend a week late over here so we just finished watching it this afternoon.  Loved it as usual. It was comforting to hear so much said in support of Japan and about the church Welfare program.  Oh, and I was reminded I'm supposed to stop calling myself a "Mormon" and use "Latter-day Saint" instead.  Okay, okay...got it!
  • We've had two really great days with Sammy having minimal melt-downs.  That is something to be celebrated!  Here's to a calm and peaceful SPRING BREAK!!!  (ha!)
  • I read something cool in an e-mail from my sister Laura today.  She is in Romania (visiting my sister Jenny) and wrote this about the first leg of their journey leaving from San Diego:

We brought cards and candy bars to hand out to military people that we may see. I wanted the the girls to make cards to thank them for their service to our country. When we got here, I was worried we wouldn't see any military personnel but when we walked into our gate, it was FILLED with military. There were probably 60-70 guys. Jeff talked with one and found out they're headed off to Iraq and Afghanistan. We really are so grateful for them! The girls walked around handing out the candy bars and cards they'd made. Some of the men seemed really touched. It was pretty cool.  
Yay!  Go Laura!  (But yes, you're still black-listed for visiting Jenny and not me.  Cheap tickets are no excuse.)

  • Gray was super adorable and smiley today.
  • Our friends invited us over for a delicious Conference Brunch which included fabulous French Toast.  I may or may not have had around five pieces.  I lost count.  But in my defense, it was really, REALLY good.  And they had Spray Whip.  Enough said.
  • I got to take a two hour nap between sessions.
  • We had a friend over for dinner (his wife and kids are in the states) and had a great evening.  (Even if I did mess up the dessert.)  As an added bonus (for us, not him) he's a Doctor so we had him diagnose all the kids physical and mental ailments.  Plus, he plays the piano!  Thanks, Dave.  You're a handy guy to have around!
  • And last, but definitely not least:  One week from today, if all goes well, and there are no more big earthquakes, and pending approval, Doug and I (and Gray) will be heading to Australia for a much-anticipated, almost didn't happen thanks to 3/11, fabulous, fun and sun filled vacation.  Why?  Because it's free.  Why is it free?  Because Doug is AWE-SOME!!!

And now I'll leave you with your jealousness.

P.S.  If you still plan to send backpacks for Operation Backpack, please use this address now:
Jessica Payne
PSC 76, Box 8302
APO, AP 96319

This address is the same as a stateside address, it is just not considered an Official Mail Box. 

:)  :)  :)


Anonymous said...

I am so Glad and Thankful to God you guys will get to go to Austrailia relax ( does not sound like that is in your vocab) :)

Missy said...

HI. I just spent a good hour and a half reading about your experiences in Japan since all this devestation. I've cried, laughed (you are hilarious) and cried some more. It is so hard to watch from my warm home knowing what you and the Japanese people are going through. I am actually in the process of organizing (with approval from the american red cross) a "favorite recipes from favorite blogs cookbook" to sell (to our combined about 500,000 readers)and donate the money to them (ARC). I was happy to hear they are there and helping. I tried to find your email address on your blog so I could ask you a few short questions but can't find it. Mainly, I am wondering if you would write (something similar to the post you did for that mom site (i forgot the name) for my blog, howdoesshe.com. I've done one post talking about it here, http://www.howdoesshe.com/japan-teach-your-kids-charity. I love the idea of the backpacks for the kids and want to promote it on my site. Anyway, I have read how crazy it is over there for you and you don't need this to worry about, but I think your insight is so valuable (and I love your writing style). If you are at all able or willing to do this, please contact me at missy@howdoesshe.com. I will promote it either way. Thank you and I will add you and your sweet family to my prayers as I feel like after reading about your experience I am your friend although you have no idea who I am. Funny how blogs work like that:)

Missy said...

ps. sorry about the way too long comment. I just saw it post and realized how long winded I was and that I spelled devastation wrong, oops.