Apr 28, 2011

I'm Itchy + Saturday in AU + Sunday in transit!

Itchy, itchy, itchy.  My skin is all sorts of itchy.  Unfortunately, I did NOT come home from my trip with a golden tan.  (as if!)  But I did get just enough sun that now, a few days post trip, I'm starting to itch.  And my back will surely peel.  (In fact, if (when) I ever get skin cancer, it will assuredly be on my shoulders where all the extremely large freckles are.  Sunburn lands there first.)

Yes, I know.  You're all crying me a river because I'm itchy after my trip to Australia.  Well, it's not MY fault you didn't get to go too!  In fact, I'm pretty sure it's your HUSBANDS fault!  So blame him for your pasty white skin and general malaise!  Not everyone can live up to Doug's standard of awesomeness!  (I also have an in-grown toe-nail if it makes you feel better.)

ANYHOO, to finish off my trip, I will quickly sum up Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday:  We stayed close to the hotel, went to the pool, and just took it easy--ending the night with dessert in the hotel lounge.  (How's that for record breaking succinct-ness!?!)

Sunday:  We went to the airport to fly home.  This is when we found out that our baggage weighed too much.  15 kilos too much.
Me:  "Oh, Doug...just pay the charge and lets get on with it."
Doug:  "It's $357."
Me:  "WHAT THE BLEEP?!?!?!!"

Doug tried to argue with the attendant at first claiming we weren't taking home any more than we brought.  (Besides a few didgeridoos, stuffed animals, boomerangs, bottles of Vegemite, bags of sand, and a tube-yes tube-of sweetened condensed milk.)

The lady wasn't budging.

So we took our bags and decided to see if we could lighten our load.  Turns out, 15 kilos translates into a lot of stuff!  A whole, large, duffel bag full of stuff in fact!  We were shedding everything we could possibly spare that might weigh anything substantial.  Shoes, clothes, and copious small half-used toiletries.

I kept my flat iron at the last minute but it was a close one.  Clothes with any physical defect--small stain, loose button--were sacrificed.  Doug actually got rid of the Gap shorts he's had since we were dating!  (Hallelujah) 
I hope the janitor who came to pick up our stuff enjoyed the wind-fall!  Those were my favorite slippers!

When we got on the flight home, we confirmed what we already suspected from the flight over:  Jet Star Airlines stinks!
Take THAT Jet Star!!!

Fortunately, by Sunday night, we were home in Japan.
Tucked into a Seventies-licious Tokyo hotel.
Ready to see (if only for an hour) some welcome relatives, and finally, our three older kids Monday afternoon!

To be continued...


Linz said...

I am totally jealous and it's all Michael's fault! I have LOVED reading your AU adventures!! Can't wait to read the rest!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you were itchy! That is miserable - maybe Buggie could rub lotion on your back. Hate that you had to throw stuff out - dumb rules and cost of jet fuel!!