Jul 2, 2010

Hey, thanks for all the comment love on the last post.  It was a pretty darn awesome day and Doug did get some pretty sweet pictures.  (And I got all the comments my little heart could desire!  Buahahahaha!)

Today has been a pretty great day too so far.  This morning Doug told me I could go to Pottery for a few hours if he could go on a two hour bike first.  (This is why he's the perfect husband.)  Done and done.  He went on a nice long ride with these two:

When he got back he said
"You need to get in shape."  (This is why he is NOT the perfect husband.)
I said
"You can't hang out with Merrill and Janeen anymore."
and then,
"Leave me alone!!"
and then,
"What are you talking about?  Look at these guns!"

Then I went to pottery and worked my bi's and tri's.  (I don't even know what those are.)
Actually, I trimmed two colanders I made a few nights ago.  We'll see how they turn out.  I'll post a picture if I manage the rest of the process without screwing something up too badly.

In the mean time, this is a picture of Doug's other Father's Day present:

My first attempt at a "KnobandAll" as seen on this pottery blog.  Except I didn't quite get the Knob...and all.  So I had to add one.  But I DID make the pot and lid as a single piece and then separate them later.  So I'm sorta a pottery rock star.  (not even remotely.  Shoulda reviewed the video first.)

Have I mentioned that I've recently become addicted to Pottery Blogs?  I've added about 10 to my reader in the last few months.  I love them.  I study them.  I comment and ask questions on them.  I fantasize about an alternate life where instead of going to Utah for college, I went to England to apprentice with a famous potter!  (And since it's MY fantasy, I can pretend Doug is the potter with a passion for clay instead of tiny teeth!  Leave me and my fantasies alone.)

Also, despite the recent hire of my "mother's helper", I still can't seem to get--or keep--my house clean.  What is my problem?  (Don't say Pottery Blogs or we can't be friends any more.)  Really, it's not blogging.  It's my children!  They have the Midas Touch!  Only they leave MESS and DIRT and SHOES and PAPER and STICKS and GRASS instead of GOLD behind!  And okay, it might be partially due to blogging, but YOU'RE not allowed to say it.  Only I am.

And now, I must finish eating (Just finished nursing.  Yes, I can nurse and type at the same time.  'Cause I'm awesome.) and go to The Horse Park.
More later.



Kristina P. said...

I once made a pot that looked like a mishapen uterus. It was awesome.

Kelly said...

I took pottery in high school and loved it. I wish I still kept it up. You go with your pottery and blogging habits. They are cheaper than therapy.