Mar 1, 2009

It Is No Longer February!

But you probably already knew that.  

What this means to me, though, is that I can start blogging again.  Regular like.  Because the end of February means the (self declared) end of my S.A.D.  (Seasonal Affective Disorder.  See my boastful sister's blog for more info.) 

So even though it snowed today (*harsh sob*) I'm not going to let it sap my strength and will to live!  I'm going to prevail!  I'm going to BLOG!!!
Maybe I'll even finish a few of the many posts started in the dreary month of February.  (Which we all know should have MUCH better weather if it wants to host my birthday festivities.)

But before I start, I need to find my super-long down-filled winter coat and super-warm, super-tall winter boots.  

Sam wants me to play soccer with him.  

Outside.  (*more harsh sobbing*)

(And you wonder why I self-medicate with Hot Chocolate?!?!?!)

Wish me luck!  You'll be hearing from me again soon!

P.S.  It was too cold.  We came right back in.  (Fortunately.)  Do you think 45 seconds of sunlight is enough to fulfill my Vitamin D requirement?


DianeM said...

New mantra for you Em: 3 months til Hawaii, 3 months til Hawaii. And so on until we're there. Maybe make a paper chain?

Glad you're back, I missed you.

Jenn said...

I can't wait for the longer and warmer days! (i shouldn't complain, the weather has been excellent here!) Sorry about your SAD disorder! Spring is coming.....

I changed my blog address:

Bartimaeus said...

You sure were effective today in your efforts. Hip Hip Hurray for Emmy...and Piglet too!!! You deserve a hero party!

Topsy said...

Good Em we've missed you. And you and Doug are always welcome to make a vacation with us here in ETERNAL SUMMER!

Beeswax said...

Well, we've got the opposite problem here in AZ. 91 degrees today. Ack. Winter, come back! We miss you!

I'm looking forward to two weeks in Carlsbad in June!

jefferies said...

YOu should buy a full spectrum light bulb to put in your favorite lamp and bask under it all winter. It is supposed to help with SAD. I'm going to try it for my SAD houseplants.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You can't move your birthday festivities to March. We know how you party the ENTIRE month of February as it is! You should be focusing your birthday efforts in March towards your beloved sister, brother and cute, red-headed niece!

Unknown said...

Do they get alot of snow over there?? And I mean, utah, living in the sticks, snow?? If you need to feel better, come look at my latest photos of where we are finding icecicles now!!! It's a sad day in Utah...bring on SPRING!

Unknown said...
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