Mar 31, 2009

A Visit to the Archives

Last night I was looking through old photo's (on the hard drive) trying to find this:

Photographic evidence for Sammy that he (Sammy) does indeed like beans.  Contrary to his protestations last night when faced with having burritos for dinner.

(After being confronted with such glaring proof, he did in fact eat his burrito two hours later in order to earn a before-bed-time bowl of cereal.)

In the same folder of pictures taken in July of 2005 near the time of Sammy's first birthday...
(Remember the cute puppy party I threw for him and the awesome puppy cake I made him?
  No, you don't.  Because it was before I blogged.  Yes.  I am wearing a sweater in July.  It was San Francisco.  Summer=BRRRR!)

...I found this gem:

The extraordinary cuteness of this video overwhelms me.  I just want to go back and smother that innocent little stinker with kisses.

Here's another season-appropriate memory:
Friends Camden, Ani and Maggie sitting on the stairs of the church building with Sam and Max on Easter Sunday.  Man, I really miss San Francisco sometimes.  We loved it there!

and just one more little piece of eye candy:And Doug wonders why I want more kids!

Speaking of kids:  I'm doing a Frame-Name give-away on Gratuitous Reviews right now.  You can get your kids an awesome gift for their Easter Baskets!!!  FIVE WINNERS!  But HURRY!  You only have 48 hours to enter!!!!!


Unknown said...

Aren't they precious!!! As we are approaching kyler's 7th birthday, I often reflect on the sweet innocence that is LONG gone! :) Such cute little when's the next one comin??;) you are due for a girl, ya know Em?? Love ya Emmy

mountainmama said...

Cold cereal before bed. Travis laughs at my family for this tradition. I am glad to see that you carry on the tradition as well in your family. If I was stranded somewhere I would take cold cereal, and rice milk, of course. I love the photos. I request more archive posts. I want MORE!!!!

Emily said...

I miss SF too!! Do ya think it was a little bright for the kiddos in that picture? haha

mama bear said...

you're making me cry!

Bartimaeus said...

He was never INNOCENT!

Lora Gooch said...

that video is so cute. I love how he says only the last word of every line...then belts the chorus.

marissa said...

Ok, I love all the pics! I finally copied that puppy cake for Elizabeth's 2nd birthday. It was a huge hit, of course. Remember how blinding the church building was because it was just so bright white! I miss you!