Mar 22, 2009

Fashion in Japan

Back in November when I did NaBloPoMo and was trying to write a post a day (man that was tiring) I asked for topics and ideas.  Miss Kate Coveny Hood over at The Big Piece of Cake said, and I quote:  What about Japanese fashion? Everyone loves reading about what people are wearing. Or maybe that's just me... If that sounds boring - it could be humorous - about the more bizarre trends.

And then I looked down at what I was wearing and laughed and laughed.  Why?  Because I am probably the last person on the planet qualified to offer fashion commentary.

None-the-less, in the next few days whenever I was out on the town, I tried to pay attention and "notice" fashion.  Here's what I noticed:  Lots of face masks.   Surgical masks...On little old ladies, on bus drivers, on store clerks, on little kids.  

That's about all I noticed.  (I live in the Rexburg, Idaho of Japan.)

I was baffled.  And still not prepared to write a fashion post.

So I gave up and solicited my friend Katie for help.  See, Katie knows what she's about.  

Katie was my debate partner in 10th grade debate.  She actually knew what she was doing.  I had no clue.  (I just liked the idea of  arguing and getting school credit for it.)  

***That year we went to San Francisco to compete at Berkley:  
I sucked, Katie rocked.  But boy was that a fun trip!  ***
(Who knew I would end up living in San Francisco for four years?!? Not me.)

Recently, we reconnected via the wonderful world of Facebook.  AND turns out, Katie lives in JAPAN!  In Tokyo!!!  And listen to this, before moving to Japan with her b0y-fri, (now fianc√©)  Kevin, (ALSO from my 10th grade debate class) she was a BUYER for BLOOMINGDALES in NYC!!!

Yep!  So like I said:  She know's what she's about.  And she FINALLY wrote some fashion related posts on her blog with PLENTY of pictures!  So please GO HERE!  and enjoy a lesson on FASHION IN JAPAN!!!
(Pic stolen from Katie's Blog:  Tune In Tokyo)


Erin & Daren said...

Emily you are as clever as ever! I came across your blog from a family members blog Keep in touch-0 I have a facebook account too- isn't it a small world

Topsy said...

Em, I've been caught in WAY worse household wardrobe, you're not alone!

And why does everyone wear masks???

LaLa said...

I think our fashion sense or lack of it anyway, runs in the family. You look warm and comfortable and that's FAR more IMPORTANT than being fashionable!!

Bartimaeus said...

Is that my orange shirt you are wearing?

acte gratuit said...

Why yes, Doug! Yes it is! Good eye!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I had completely forgotten about asking that question. At first I thought you were mixing me up with someone else and felt guilty about taking credit. But then it came back to me. I never would have expected the answer to be surgical masks though... I will definitely check out Katie's blog.