Jan 27, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

I'm going to the hospital in an hour.  

Yesterday at my pre-op appointment:
Me:  "Can I just get a feeding tube so I wont have to swallow?"  (Haha, I'm so funny.)
Nurse:  "That would be like having spikes down your throat."
Nurse:  "It'll be better just to swallow.  Of course, that will feel like swallowing spikes too."
Me:  ($%&*#!!!  That's not funny at all!)  "Umm...how about an IV for fluids?  I'm...not good with pain."
Nurse:  "How many kids have you had?"
Me:  "This is way scarier than that."  (No one ever says anything about "spikes"  before labor.)


Doug:  You're banned from making any on-line purchases for the next two weeks.   (There may have been an incident in the past involving Lortab and over $100 of Cookie Lee Jewelry.)
Me:  Then I'd better hurry and submit my order to Amazon right now...!
Doug:  NO!  You're already under the influence of stress!

Even Later:

Me:  "Hey!  Maybe we can get the second season of "Lost" and watch it while I'm recovering!"
Me:  "But then I probably wont remember it later..."
Doug:  "Yeah...I already thought of that..."

This Morning:

Doug:  "What kind of ice cream do you want me to buy?"
Me:  "All kinds!!!  Every kind!!!"  (Every cloud has a silver lining.)

Speaking of nutrition, we have a WINNER!!!

I wish I were a winner...

See you sometime next week!!!

(check Doug's blog in the next few days to find out if I die of pain.)


Linz said...

Good luck! I'll pray that it doesn't hurt at all!!

FOX said...

OH POOR EMMY!!!! I am so sorry for you!!! I do remember you on painkillers, it wasn't too pretty, but on the other hand you did get a lot of sleep. Who cares that your kids were naked, and peeing on the lawn (ok just kidding on that part!)

I am going to write a special post all about you after my kids go to bed tonight so you have something to read to cheer you up!!!

I wish I lived closer so I could come help!!!!

Pinspot said...

Oh, Emmy, I'm so so so sorry! I'm sending you recover-quickly vibes from afar!

Emily said...

good luck Em, I'm thinking about you. Do you have a really pushy friend who'll just come over uninvited and do your dishes? I would do it but seeing as how I'm not in the same country, I'll pray for one for you. love you!

Mrs. Dub said...

We'll be praying for a spike-less recovery. And lots of ice cream. And Lost episode retention. (Don't worry - they don't answer anything, ever.)

Bella said...

I hope you have a speedy and painless recovery!

Bonus is you get to eat icecream and good stuff!!!