Jan 11, 2009

We Don't Make Resolutions...

We make contracts.
At least this year.

And it's probably all my greedy fault.
When I was a kid, to motivate us to read we got paid a penny a page.
Back-rubs and *shudder* foot-rubs cost my dad at least .50 cents.

Then there was always selling Bird Whistles at the 4th of July parade and lemonade stands the rest of the summer to earn money.

As I got older, I got paid for extra work around the house and yard, for filing at my dads office ($5/hour), and for babysitting. ($1-2/hour--Per kid, if I was lucky.)  

When I turned 15, I got a job at the only fast food place in town that would hire a 15 year old:  KFC.  I would come home with my hair and clothing reeking of grease, but MAN did I love that pay check.

My point here is, I'm highly motivated to earn money.  Always have been.  And it looks like my kids will be too.  

I asked Max if he'd go off of candy for one year for $100.  He immediately agreed.  And we're talking about a boy who really, REALLY loves candy.  
(In High School I went off Chocolate, Candy, and Gum for one year to earn $150.)
Later, we amended the rules a bit and he signed a contract stating that for every month he goes without candy, he can earn $10.  That way, there's still some wiggle room but even greater earning potential.  (He's planning to buy a Wii.)

Then Doug wanted in on action.  Not for himself, for me.  He's already bribed me to read my scriptures every day for a year by offering a lap top.  (Done and done!)  Now he's offered me $300 to give up ice cream for a year and the Eva Zeisel gift of my choice
if I exercise twice a week until Mother's Day!  
Of course, I agreed to both. 
(Though I do wonder why I now have to earn my Mother's Day gifts and I DID tell him I'll never exercise again after Mother's Day.  Just out of spite.)

So I don't know if this all is quite in the spirit of the New Year's Resolution, but I do know that this method is much much more successful!  

And you can't argue with results.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Good ideas that we will try! Hope all is well in Japan!

Garity said...

I just noticed the change in the title for your #3's picture. My sympathies with you completely! What is it with the 3rd one? My first two have been absolute angels and then #3 (who turns 2 in Feb) has been the biggest monster in the world...he can actually make me cry! Funny thing was he was just like his brothers, I figured "hey, I can have a dozen more of these guys they are so easy!" So we get pregnant and a few weeks later #3 invents the Ornery Ones followed by the official changing of his middle name to "Monster". Hang in there! I'll be doing the same here!

mr. underhill said...

Um, paid scripture reading? There's something not quite right with that. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to meet with the bishop on that one. I'll get an appointment set up for you next Sunday. How's 1 p.m. for you? Great, I'll have brother Laruso get that on the calendar.

Linz said...

Well, good luck with your... ummm... resolutions! Earn that gift, girl!!!

(And good luck Max! If such an offer were given to me, I would just laugh and laugh! Good luck!)

Shelly said...

You guys are way too cool for your own good! Haha.

Jenn said...

no ice cream for a year? Are you nuts?? Good luck-- i think!

Kris said...

Hmm! Em, I'll pay yu $300 if you eatice-crea or year while exercising anreading yo scripturs t t ame ime. But, I'll have get oan fromMax. P.S. -Dog, she's alredy earned her Mother's Day gifts,silly. Kij at e 3 that have drven er o eat he ie-crem. Well you ake four. I hought ried ou better han that. Grin.

Anonymous said...

How is Max doing with that? I need to try it out on Ani. The problem is, she has more money than I do! G

mama bear said...

why on earth would you give up ice cream? if nothing else, just agree to eat only the sugar free stuff.