Jan 28, 2009

Bring Out Your Dead

Well, after waiting in pre-op for 5 hours Em finally had her surgery. AS I pulled her out of the hospital bed the only real coherent sentence she made was 'You need to do a post with a picture of Monty Python's "I'm not dead yet."' So for your enjoyment here is the whole skit! (I think she just wanted the picture of the lady whacking the cat.)

I think someone did hit her on the head when my back was turned. When I went back to take her upstairs from the coach she couldn't even stand.
No worries though, the fridge and freezer are well stocked thanks to our sponsors from Yoplait and Dryers!
Sure, if you look closely you might say she wont be able to eat the Samoas ice cream if it has chunks of cookie in it. Well, I may have been opportunistic and got some for me. Its OK though, Trust me.
**I also presented her with a bike bell for summoning the Butler, ME, and a dry erase board for her to write out her commands and impart her cleaver wit to me and her family, lest it wither and die.

*Thank you to all those who have been praying for her and those local friends who have been helping her/me/the boys. Keep praying though, I think the pain has only just begun. Tami your Lasagna was great!!


Linz said...

I hope Em feels better soon! (And that peppermint ice cream has some chunks in it too!)

Lisa said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, and take every advantage of having relaxation and ice cream being a medical necessity. Milk it for all it's worth (pun not intended).

Lanes said...

Em, how are you? Doug, how are you? Kids, how are you? Man, surgery is rough when it's mom involved. I hope the pain is nothing like you anticipated and that Doug starts letting you shop online again soon :)

FOX said...

WHERE IS THE DANG CHOCOLATE???!! What is all this vanilla and peppermint garbage? Doug, I give you one big PA-SHA!

But because you are one of my favorite BIL's I won't call PETA about your post containing "whacking" of animals!!! :)

Thanks for taking good care of Em!!!

Jenn said...

Hope you get better soon! Use that bell as much as possible!

Garity said...

I'll have to agree with Christy...where IS the chocolate?

Good grief, hoping the pain isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I got mine out when I was about 8 and recovered in less than a week but my husband refuses to get his out because of the intense-pain-as-an-adult rumors (even though his snoring would be gone he won't do it for me because of the pain).

Hope you have a quick recovery and I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to read the latest. (PS. if you "lie" and say the pain is nothing so my husband can read it I would be forever grateful)

mr. underhill said...

I'll take three scoops of the Samoas, two scoops of the Peppermint and one of the sherbet. Feel better soon. I'll send you some ant spray.