Jan 24, 2009

Bring on the Percocet!

Dr:  What do you know about Tonsillectomies?
Me:  From the other ENT's I've talked to, I know they're excruciatingly painful for adults.
Dr:  That's right.  There aren't enough bad adjectives to describe how horrible they are.  They're just really really really gruesome for adults.  Ever had a canker sore?  It's like having two canker sores THIS BIG in the back of your throat.  You'll be down for a good two weeks.
Me:  What do you mean by "down"?  How down?  When can I take care of my kids?
Dr:   I'd give yourself 5-7 days.  But it'll be another week after that until you feel better.
How do you handle pain...?
Doug:  NOT WELL!

(such a reassuring visit...)

Tonsillectomy and Myringotomy: Wednesday

I can't wait!

Stay tuned to read me blogging under the influence! May include brief episodes of memory loss, hallucinations, and reports of extravagant on-line shopping expenditures!!!

P.S.  Contest ends tomorrow!  (my Monday.)
P.P.S.  Do NOT under any circumstances look at before and after tonsillectomy videos on YouTube.  (heave!)
P.P.P.S.  I'm going to request they save them for me in a jar.


Melissa Abby said...

Oh Emily...we'll be praying for you! Can't wait to read some of these blogs :)

FOX said...

OH poor Emily!!! Although I actually thought you had it done this week, so I tried to contact Doug to see how you were, but at least now I can do stuff to help.

Help... you are thinking I live far away aren't you! I think I need to do some blog posts that are just for you to cheer you up!!!

TAKE CARE!!!! Become with on with your greatest talent... falling asleep!!! Get stoned and have a 7 day nap!!!

Oh and about the tubes... IT IS ABOUT FREAKN' TIME!!!!!!!

Ginna said...

oh you poor thing! Keep us posted and good luck. Wish we were closer so we could help....

Anonymous said...

P-E-R-C-O-C-E-T. Then I'll understand. I didn't know what that meant until Em told me.


Anonymous said...

And good luck. Really. I mean it. Good luck.


acte gratuit said...

For the record, I had it spelled that way. Then I googled it and it came up with 20,000,000 post that had it spelled the k/s way. Sheesh. You're such a spelling nazi! But actually, I appreciate it. I mean it!

Anonymous said...

awe man emily! that sucks. i hope everything goes ok!

mama bear said...

That really sucks. I'll eat lots of ice cream for I mean with you! I wish I could bring you some, but you live on the other side of the world! Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

in fairness, there are probably different spellings with different brands. Good luck!