Jan 30, 2009

What the Doctor SHOULD Have Said...

Dr: "Now Emily, I've told you about the pain, right? The terrible, horrible, no good, excruciating pain?"

Em: "Yes Doctor. The subject has been amply covered."

Dr: "Good. Then I should tell you one last symptom you'll be dealing with."

Em: "Sir?"

Dr: "It's the itching."

Em: "Itching, sir?"

Dr: "Yes. For some reason, the Pecocet is going to make you very very itchy. I'd say about 20 minutes after each dose you'll start to itch and wont be able to stop. It'll feel like you're sporting long underwear made of a wool/cat hair blend which is also housing a colony of teeny tiny fire ants."

Dr: "You'll probably want to buy some sandpaper sheets."

That's what he shoulda said.

Meds kicking in again. Gotta find my back scratcher.
goodnite (#**@($)!!


Jessi said...

I am so sorry! I itched head to toe for the last month of my pregnancy and I thought I would go crazy. Sandpaper sheets sound like a good solution.

Anonymous said...

oooouch emily!!! i am so sorry!! i think itching can be more painful than pain! i hope u recover soon!

Emily said...

can you take benadryl? or is that a bad combination? ~Emily

LaLa said...


We've been praying for you! I hate pain too...so sorry you have to be in it. At least there's the ice cream right?? Hope you feel better soon!