Sep 9, 2008

Nienie, Wendy, and Infamy

In case you managed to miss it, (impossible) a blogger named Stephanie got in a horrible plane crash.  

About two weeks before that tragedy, I declared her my nemesis.  (Very VERY poor timing on my part.  I apologized and recanted.)

About a month or so before that my cousin Wonderful Wendy (aka Rama), did a photo shoot of Stephanie and her family and got to know them a little.  

Which is why Wendy is now famous and featured on THE FREAKIN' TODAY SHOW.  

(While I am infamous.)  

(But I did try to redeem myself by holding an auction.  So I'm not all bad.)  

Now watch this clip to see my AWESOME FAMOUS COUSIN in action.

And then go donate some money to The Nielsons.
And if you want, send me a copy of the receipt and I'll send YOU a Japanese treat!

Because it turns out Stephanie WAS just as good and crafty and kind and patient and loving and in love as her blog led us to believe.  

And THAT is something worth supporting.



TJ said...

i know lanie because she was my MTC companion.

we used paypal all the time in germany. that is very very strange that it wouldn't let you change. it doesn't have an option for an APO address? from what i remember it did. but because of that the address wasn't confirmed. i think. we've been back in the states for almost two years (sigh, so sad. and i live in NC. even more sad) so it has been a while. i also love etsy!!!! i'm on a shopping fast right now (car window not wanting to come up and that sort of thing) try again. we did it, so it should work. and military isn't all bad. it isn't all good either. we've been in for 5 years. and we're army.

i did hear about nienie, and it just breaks my heart. i wish i were half as creative and energetic as she is. and her sister raising her kids is just awesome.

Jenn Kirk said...

Thanks for saying hi on my blog! Yeah, being on DM was a total surprise (and just the boost I needed since I had a crazy morning with the kids).

That's funny that Wendy is your cousin. I don't know her personally, but I did email her once to inquire about a photo session. I'm bummed we live so far from her.

Jenn Kirk said...

We're in SoCal, so I guess that's not too terribly far from her.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I just found your blog recently (after you guest posted on Light Refreshments Served - hilarious - you fit right in).

It's amazing how many people got involved in the Nie Nie acutions (even those of us who aren't part of the huge Mormon blogger network).

The only thing that made me feel a little bad about it was that it would eventually end (the auctions I mean) and then we'd all go back to our burn unit free lives. You know - "lucky us." But here is yet another example of how it didn't just end. I love your idea for rewarding people for their donations with exotic treats. Brilliant!

shauna said...

Thank you for this post. I got my laugh and cry in all before 8:30 a.m.

I also linked to your post. Are we that good of friends yet?

What an amazing family.

What a wonderful internet blogging family.

And when the two get together, WOW.

mama bear said...

when did Wendy's hair get so long?!?

Pinspot said...

Yay Wend!

whitty-acres said...

dude, mindy has a blog!? is it hidden? mindy where arerrrrrrr you?

back on topic. THanks for the shout out, cuz. I'm glad everyone could see my double chin and long hair on the today show!