Sep 27, 2008

Ode to Gabey aka Angel Baby aka Senor Diablo

Before Max was even born, I was keeping a journal for him. I talked about my pregnancy, how I was feeling, and things that were happening in the world. (9/11 was three months before he was born.)

Maxwell's baby/scrapbook is filled to overflowing, and it's still not even complete.

With Sammy, I did alright. I started a journal for him and started his baby book. But somewhere along the way, we switched to a digital camera and 90% of our pictures remain unprinted and un "scraped".

Now, Gabe...Gabe HAS a baby book...
...and one or two pages are filled in...

AND he's got...this post!
This post is an Ode to my Baby...

My Gabey-Baby.
He's really really cute!
And he's growing up before my eyes. So I thought I'd better document a little of his littleness before it's gone.
First it should be noted that Gabe has been my best baby so far in terms of crying/sleeping/eating/birthing. I was induced early and he was the first kid to come out willingly with NO cord wrapped tightly around his neck. Best post-birth recovery too.
Gabers just has a good dispostion. Maybe it's having two big brothers, but he's a pretty easy to please kid. (Except that lately he HAS been showing a bit of a 'tude. I choose to believe it's just a REALLY short phase he's going through and NOT the start of the "terrible two's" early.)

He was a little late to walk, (14 months) but he figured it out eventually.
He's talking a little. He says "Mama, Dada, Yeah!, Ta Dah!, Ah Duh (all done), EAS! (please), MA (more) and the sign for Milk which means he wants a drink. (He can also do the "more" and "all done" signs.)
At the moment, I'M his favorite parent. But I'm sure he'll soon be a Daddy's Boy just like the other little traitors.
He loves to eat and can feed himself with a spoon. (Though it's a bit messy.)
He's a proficient climber and mischief maker.
He thinks he can dance (just like his Mama).
He's super drooly just like Max was.
He's my first boy to have even a HINT of curl in his hair. (which is why I'll NEVER cut it no matter how mullet-ish it becomes...)
And his brother Max can make him belly laugh harder than anyone.
You're the best Babers! We're sure glad we have you in our family!!!
***Thanks to WENDY, (of Blue Lily Photography) FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHER JEN, (of JenLee Photography) DOUG, (Dentist by day, Photographer by night) and MADISON, (of Mark's Loins) for providing some of the photo's for this post!!!***


Jennifer said...

Such beautiful pictures!

I'm the same way with baby #3. Sad. I should do more for Lucy. I'm feelin inspired!

Mrs. Dub said...

I love that little dude (with or without 'tude). And all your boys look so handsome in that last pic. All growed up ... time for that girl!

Bartimaeus said...

Actually, he dances better than his mom!

Beeswax said...


Not all the kids get baby books. It teaches them early about the unfairness of the world.

Melissa Abby said...

His hair is awesome, we miss you and your boys!

Linz said...

Beautiful post! He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the curls!!

Anonymous said...

The curls are reminding me of said babers very curly uncle when he was that age. If I were you I'd remember that his big sisters used to dress him up like a girl and braid his curly locks. And remember how he looked at Christmas when his big sisters again braided his overly grown curly locks.

I feel very cheated to not have lived close enough to chew on that Gabers sweet,drooly cheeks. He is adorable and I want to dance with him. Even if, of course, he dances better than me too. Doug has forbidden me to "ever do that again".

Girls Galore said...

Man what I'd give to get me some of that little Gabers slobbery smoochin' right now! Give him a big kiss from Aunt LaLa.

Miss you guys!

Lora Gooch said...

Those are great pics. Jordan was looking at them with me and shouted,,,hey,,there's Sam! He misses his little friend!

Anonymous said...

he is so handsome! are you guys really in japan?

Edward J. Dose said...

That picture with him in dads hand .... What a GREAT picture !!!!

WOW !!!

The rest of them are wonderful as well.

Very loving and beautiful !!!

Anonymous said...

People should read this.