Aug 27, 2008

My Japanese Auction for NieNie!!!

Welcome to the first (and only) "Acte Gratuit Not-So-Gratuitous Auction" in honor of, and in behalf of, Stephanie and Christian Nielson.

Here's how it'll work.  The bidding will start at $20.  If you'd like to place a bid, enter a higher bid in the "comments" section.  (Full dollar increments only).   The highest bidder as of Sunday night at midnight WINS!

Next, the highest bidder will send me a check made out to The Nielsons.  When I get it, I'll send you your box of goodies and forward the check to the appropriate place.  

Be generous!  After all, you're getting all this awesome booty AND serious Brownie Points in Heaven.  You've got nothing to lose!

Now, for the items up for bid:
***drum roll please...***
(This is all coming in one box.  The winning bidder takes everything.)

First, we have the MAIN attraction:
This FABULOUS Sushi set!  
It comes with two plates, two sets of chopsticks, and two chopstick rests.  It is lovely, and beautiful, and awesome and can be used to serve just about anything if you're not big on raw fish.
The symbols on the plates and matching rests stand for "Good luck" and "Longevity".  Just what we wish for the Nielsons.

Next, we have...
the rest of the stuff!

In addition to the fabulous Sushi Set, you also get...
  • A sweet little bi-fold felt Geisha wallet,
  • a LOVELY printed fan,
  • THREE packs of Watering Kiss Mint gum (with Xylitol!)
  • ONE pack of assorted fruit flavored hard candies (At least that's what I think they are...)
  • ONE pack of Strawberry-dipped Hello Kitty sticks, 
  • and ONE pack of Winnie the Pooh Sea-Weed Garnish!
Total retail value:  MORE THAN $20!!!


But wait...



Act now and you could win not only the Sushi Set, the wallet, the treats, and the fan, but also 

this adorable letter set! 
Featuring 12 sheets of paper, 6 envelopes, and charming graphics accompanied by nonsensical captions!!!

All this could be yours!

Place your bid in the comment section NOW!!!

THANKS for bidding!!!

P.S.  For a complete list of all the sites doing auctions for NieNie, go to and view her Thursday post!

P.P.S.  For details on Stephanie, Christian, and their accident, go to NieNie's sister's blog:


Marni said...

I'll get it rolling! My bid is $25. :)

Sarah said...

I bid $30.

Mel said...

My bid is $45.

Anonymous said...

I'll go $60.00
DSC-Clovis, CA

Mel said...

What time zone Sunday? Your Sunday or ours? I raised my bid to $75.00

sara said...

Hi Emily - FYI I added a link to you on my blog today for the auctions - great items!

acte gratuit said...

I'll end it when it's midnight over here because I'm impatient. :)

Mel said...

Em, :( Andy says I have to pay bills first (& this month is tight).... I can not make this bid. Please forgive & my prayers to your friend & her family.. Email me.. sorry! MEL

Debra said...

Please put me down for $75.00

Thank you so much for doing this!

Carolie said...

When you're all done with this auction, please send folks to my auction at
You inspired me by your example...thanks!!

acte gratuit said...

THANKS SO MUCH!!! The auction is now closed and Debra W. is the lucky winner. Thanks Debra! I'll be in touch with you soon!

Rose said...


I'm helping tabulate the totals, so make sure you send a confirmation to Thank you so much for your great work!