Aug 9, 2008

Time Travel is Hard on a Kid...

Did you know that here in Japan we're 13 hours ahead of you folks back on the East Coast? (or thereabouts. Don't quote me on that.)

Do you realize what this means??? It means that we'll know EVERYTHING that happens HOURS before YOU will. (I'm totally going to get into gam.bling on sports.) It ALSO means that transitioning when you sleep and when you're awake takes some serious work! The following is a pictorial (with commentary) essay of our FIRST COMPLETELY AUTHENTIC meal in Japan.

The Cheese Roll House: Where they have Cheese Roll.
(What? You've never heard of Cheese Roll?)

These poor people had to wait outside since our two families took up pretty much the whole place.

So, Gabe is the first to suffer the ill-effects of time travel. It's only about 7 p.m.
One minute he's awake, the next minute...
Sammy nods off next.
They're dropping like FLIES! Then some of the food comes. The grown-ups are just happy to have some peace and quiet!Um, excuse me, I believe I ordered the LARGE Ramen!*
(Actually, Doug ordered the "XL Ramen". Good to know there is occasionally truth in advertising.)

Max didn't really want to eat his noodles.
So he fell asleep in self defense.They totally missed out. The Cheese Rolls were GOOD!

*If you don't recognize this as a "So I Married An Axe Murderer" reference, go rent the movie IMMEDIATELY!!!

***THANKS FOR ALL YOUR NICE COMMENTS ON THE LAST TWO POSTS!!! I feel all warm and fuzzy! If I had more time, I'd respond individually to all of them. But since I can't at the moment, know I appreciated them!!! A LOT!!!***


goooooood girl said...
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Kylie said...

Whoa, I totally remember jet lag when going to London. Hopefully they didn't wake up at 3 in the morning wanting to play!

Glad you made it safe. I can't wait for all your Japan adventures! =)

Foot Handle Pete said...

Glad that you made it to Japan. Sounds like a pretty good trip, would have liked to see doug in the skirt, But not without some movies to watch the rest of the time. I want a bowl of noodles. very funny to watch sammy do the nap jerk. we need to figure out how to video conf. kind of rude to do that in a room full of other people. FHP

randa_joy said...

That SIMAAM reference made me giggle. TY.

Shelly said...

Haha! The boys are so funny! You have to expand on these cheese rolls! They sound amazing.

I'm glad you are out and about, trying out restaurants. You sound relatively calm and I'm super proud of you for that! As excited as I would be if I were the one moving to Japan, I'd probably start blogging about all the things I missed like right away! In fact, I'd probably be afraid to go anywhere other than SF for an extended period of time (even if they spoke my language.) So hooray for Emily!

Paul and April said...

Wow, what a gigantic move! You guys are crazy but what a neat experience that will be! Jet lag does pretty much suck. When I went to Europe I slept for like a whole day. If you kids have done that then that is fantastic for you! Good Luck over there! Try some sushi for me!

Linz said...

Those sweet things!! Glad you enjoyed your first real meal! Yea!

PS - I TOTALLY got that So I married an Ax murderer reference. I'm just cool like that!

Anonymous said...

Emily, Doug and kids,
We are so happy for you and the really cool experience you are all going to have over the next three years. I was happy to hear that you will be living off base. My brother spent three years in Germany in the army with six kids and they came home not speaking one word of german or knowing much of anything about the country. They lived, ate, went to school, shopped, all on base. What a waste. So go for it all and have an educatioal, cultrual and totally life fulfilling blast.

likeschocolate said...

I found your blog through someone else. Anyway, You are braver than me. I am living in Switzerland at the moment with three boys. However, I speak the language. I am impressed. After living here, I don't think I could ever live anywhere, but the U.S. I am such a wimp. Glad you were able to find a cute house.

Melissa Abby said...

Those pictures are awesome!